Maytag - Product support

Posted on Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at 6:12am CDT by ac7bb345

Product: Maytag Neptune washer

Company: Maytag

Location: US

Category: Other

The service was horrible, and Maytag could care less of my problem.

They dont stand behind what they call a quality product.

If anyone is considering a Maytag product, they should have their head examined.

My SL-3 suffers from Mold on the door seal, bearing failure (extremely noisy Spin) and finally no spin at all.

I was surprised to find so much information on line about class actions suits, problematic WAX motors, switches and of course the bearing failures.

I decided to pay a premium price for a quality product; however, manufacturers with a less prestigious reputation produce products that last considerably longer and cost much less.

My research also indicates repairs for my unit will enter the obnoxious range ($1,400.00).

I purchased a MayTag for its reputation and quality and it has fallen short of expectations. This is not a typical component failure as it is more reminiscent of a multiple systemic failures in this product line.


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