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Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 4:59pm CDT by 340df79a

Product: wireless internet [card]

Company: verizon wireless

Location: po. box15062,albany new york 12212-5062
albany, 12212, US


Category: Other

In june of 08 i purchased a wireless card from verizon, store located in lebanon nh. with the assurance it would work in our area needed it because we have dial up only. Well it has been a nightmare every since, it worked 3 days and stopped working so i contacted them tried to work with them to get it working, hours on the phone, assuring me it would be working. weeks went by months and no fix to the in may i said iwas done paying every month for a service i did not have well things have gotten rather unpleasant. My service contract is up this month and they are charging me 125.00 for terminating early so again i called and the women told me that i was going to pay this bill and that i was not living up to my end of the contract, well guess what , i contracted for a service that i did not receive. I paid a start up cost and every month i have paid them 71.92 for a service i did not receive. iwant my money refunded to me . They have been very dishonest with me and not one time have they tried to resolve this issue . Ive gotten to the point i cant talk to them they give me such a run around. I cant understand why they feel the need to take advantage of hard working people and basically steal their money.


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