Sears Roebuck - My recent experience at Sears

Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 5:48am CDT by 87002a51

Product: 42in. Panasonic T.V.

Company: Sears Roebuck

Location: 3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL, 60179, US


Category: Other

I happened to notice a T.V. on sale at Sears and thought it would make a good Fathers Day gift. I live in Montgomery, IL thus calling my local Sears stores located in Aurora and Plano to inquire about stock on this item. Both were sold out. That being said I called Sears in St. Charles, Which is 45mins away. I asked to be transfer to T.V. department and after being told that they did have it in stock I asked if it could be placed on hold for me. The sales associate informed me the only way it was possible was to purchase it over the phone. Which I did, then was giving a confirmation number and told to go to merchandise pick-up for my purchase. Once I arrived at merchandise pick-up I was told they had no history of my transaction and I needed to talk to a sale associate who also couldn't find anything. I was then taking to talk to store manager and only at this time was I told that my original call was transferred to Sears online and not the actual store department. Therefore there was no transaction history at their store and was told I had to wait 4 to 8 hour before it would be in their system to be released to me. Mind you it took me 45mins to get there, so I asked the store manager if she could just confirm that the purchase was make and allow me to receive the T.V. I already paid for. Her response was there wasn't anything she could do. My husband then asked if she could have them just terminate the original order and we would purchase it directly from the store. She had it cancelled and notified us that our credit card would be reimbursed within 24 to 48 hours three days have passed and still no reimbursement. I was given a 1-800 number to call which is Sears National Customer Relations and was told by N. C. R. they can't do anything for me to call Sears online customer service. I did and was then told that it would take 5 to 7 business day for reimbursement to post on my account because a Sears credit card wasn't used. Their online associate proceeded to tell me to "look at it as a learning experience and maybe next time I should ask if I'm speaking to someone that is physically at the store". After that had been said I called N. C. R. again asked for district manager name and a number I could get a hold of him. At that time a person by the name James identifying himself as a case manager said they couldn't give that information and ask about the situation. I informed James of what was going on to which he reply im sorry of our employees choose of words but still can't give out that information. I hope this some how reaches him not only to resolve my problem but foremost to inform him how their company is being operated. Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully it doesn't occur to anyone else.

Thank you,

Teresa Briones


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