US Debt Relief - Debt consolidation

Posted on Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 3:29pm CDT by 84341832

Product: debt consolidation

Company: US Debt Relief

Location: Clearwater, Fl, US

Category: Other

My daughter was contacted by US Debt Relief about consolidating her bills. She and her husband are young with two young children and got themselves into a financial mess. I let her use my checking account to pay her car insurance and she then gave my info to US Debt Relief. When she called me, immediately, I told her to cancel the agreement until I could research the company, which she did, and which was confirmed by the company. However, three weeks later, the company attempted to withdraw an unauthorized 150 dollars from my checking account. Fortunately, I only had 50 dollars there, so the check bounced. However, my bank charged 32 dollars for the bounced check, which bounced a 40 dollar check I had written, which....etc. etc. When I contacted the company, Rey DeLesh, the owner, confirmed that Jonathon Skerrit should have informed my daughter that cancellation needed to be in writing and that they did not reimburse "overdraft" fees. According to the BBB in West Florida, this company is considered to be out of business and they recommended legal advice. I cannot afford a lawyer to collect 100 dollars in overdraft fees that this company caused me.

I suggest that no one do any business with US Debt Relief. They are not only unreliable, but will attempt to withdraw unauthorized funds from your account.

My bank has been informed and are looking for any attempted collection from this company.


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