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Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 12:10pm CDT by 92a55db1

Product: Whitening Brites - tooth whitening - TRIAL OFFER

Company: Whitening Brites

Location: WhiteningBrites 263 West Olive Ave #130
Burbank, CA, 90502, US

URL: http://www.whiteningbrites.com

Category: Other

TRIAL OFFER - I paid for a trial offer which NEVER ARRIVED. However, the company started sending REFILLS - and charging me for them. I complained I could not even use the REFILL because I never received instructions - since I never received the trail. They indicate 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on their website yet will not refund the cost of the trial or the subsequent refill - and have yet to provide instructions on how the refill should be use.

BEWARE - The only "guaranteed satisfaction" was on their pocketing almost $100 of my money.

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43711232, 2009-06-25, 02:58AM CDT

I am currently fighting for my money back. I have ordered their so-called trial sample and cancelled after getting an infection of my gumline, within the time frame, and they billed me on the 15th day for a month supply, and will not refund my money. What can we do to stop these people???

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