Royal Holdiay is a BIG SCAM

Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 10:41am CDT by 1b71ff8f

Product: Royal Holiday

Company: Not Available

Location: Cancun, MX

Category: Other

I am sitting right now to document everything that has happened to date with this company that made many promises and none of them are true.

Upon our arrival in Cancun April 10, when we got to the hotel, we were invited to attend a short 90 minutes presentation, the person who invited us begged to attend the presentation and finally we agreed.

So Sunday 12 at morning we told our children we would go attend this meeting, much to their disappointment as this is not what holiday time means to them. Our 90 min. presentation turned into 5 or so hours. We went from 1 person to the next, that day we had 5 people talk to us about this so-called one day ONLY opportunity of a lifetime. After 3 hours my children were asking to leave, so we were going to go as we had decided at this point it was not affordable for us at the moment ($30,000). Then in comes the manager Brian, who tells us that he has even a better offer. It just so happened that he had a prior client who was upgrading and wanted to sell their membership. So Brian began to share how much better this offer was than the first one.

By this point, I wanted to go and get something to eat and I needed to go to the washroom. They were very concerned about us leaving at this point and followed both of us. When we returned, they continue to hound us about this great offer. So my husband asked if we could leave and take the information back to our room to read over and discuss. They said no. It had to be all completed first. They were relentless! We have never felt pressure like it and by this time my wife was saying she had a headache and would like it all to end. They assured us repeatedly that they were a very reputable business for the past 30 years and we could believe and trust them. They assured us that the all documentation is legal, because the government has said they had to.

We finally felt like we had no choice. So we agreed. When I asked about getting our deposit back should we change our minds and want to cancel he assured us that Royal Holiday is multi-million dollar company which would not worry about a ??measly?? $4500 US down payment and should we cancel there would be absolutely no problem having it all returned. When I questioned how long we had to cancel he told us 5 days. I asked starting from when, and he replied 5 days AFTER, the 90 days when our final down payment of $2000 US is applied to our Visa card in July 09. That is when our contract would begin with our first payment to start in Sept. /09.

Later that evening my wife and I both discussed how we still felt uncomfortable about our day and we shouldn??t have let them pressure us into signing documents without doing any research about this company. So the next day I went down to find Brian but he was nowhere to be found. I talked to another man and he told me I would be so happy with the club and not to worry so much as I am on holidays and should be enjoying myself.

We flew home Friday April17/09 and I checked my email; I found my first e-mail from Nancy of Royal Holiday. So I replied to her and asked how we could cancel as we had decided that we really were not comfortable about everything, she responded to my e-mail on Monday April 20 and informed us that cancelling was not an option at this point as we had 5 working days as stated in our contract. I couldn??t believe it.

I decided to go on-line and do some research about this company only to find time and time again that it was notorious for scamming people, giving people false information, and to avoid this company at all costs.


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