Western Pennsylvania Anesthesia Department - Key Stroke Errors

Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 1:39pm CDT by 5979cd88

Product: Anesthesia Service Billing Department

Company: Western Pennsylvania Anesthesia Department

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US

Category: Other

After my 80 year old mother had foot surgery, she received a bill in the mail for over $1000.00. She was quite surprised and confused. She went through the effort before the surgery to make sure all of the paperwork for the insurance was filled out.

She contacted the above company and was told by the first customer service representative that Medicare denied her claim and that the numbers were wrong that she gave and that she was not even int he system at Medicare. She got flustered by this time and was worried. The representative told her to call Medicare to straighten it out. Medicare said she was fine and that the problem was with the billing company. My mother was very upset at this point and asked me to call back to the billing company. I called and talked to a customer service representative that tried to lead me down the same path. After being very insistant that we go over all the number, she found two mistakes in the number that someone had typed into the computer. I questioned why my mother had to be bothered in the first place calling Medicare and why the first representative could not deal with this simple error. Her response was, "It was a keystroke error, it happens." Well, I guess that there isn't number check on the computer that the idiot was typing on so the error wasn't caught. Goes to show you that you shouldn't hire a Kindergartener to do your billing input.

I'd like to have this company's Human

Resource Director's position, I think

they would save a lot of money on



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