Emirates - Distress caused by Emirates Airlines to passengers

Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 2:31pm CDT by ce4cc1c3

Product: Emirates Airlines

Company: Emirates

Location: San Francisco,CA
San Francisco, CA, 94538, US

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My parents flew Emirates from Mumbai-Dubai and Dubai-San Francisco. They had the most pathetic experience of their life. I would never recommend Emirates to anyone flying from India to US, particularly.

When they reached Dubai Airport, their flight was overbooked and with no other option at hand they were sent back home with a boarding pass for the next day. Compensation for this :- a free one way ticked from Dubai to SFO. Considering that we live in Mumbai and travel to SFO, this ticket is useless for us. The ticket is non-transferable and to be used within a year. Again this is not going to happen. So it's like getting no compensation.

The next day they boarded the flight but their luggage never came in. All 4 bags were lost. The baggage was delivered home the next day late at night. For two days, my parents were left with no clothes. To this, they did not even compensate. They kept giving us various customer service numbers that were attended to by call centers in India and every number we called gave us a different number to call and ask for baggage status or compensation.

The staff on the airport was rude and did not treat people well, despite it being their own fault.

The flight is MORE EXPENSIVE than other airlines and we felt that we are paying to be harassed. Would not recommend.


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