NH KRYSTAL CANCUN - krystal is a big fraud!!

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Location: cancun, qu, MX

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The following describes our encounter with NH Krystal Cancun on September 2008. Upon arriving at Cancun airport we were greeted near the airport exit by DIEGO CARBALLO SANDOVAL. He offered us free tickets in exchange to attend a free breakfast. When we asked if this was for a time share, he said no, it was not.

At the hotel, their salesman ERIC GUERRERO offered to sell us membership to their Krystal International Vacation Club (KIVC). When we asked again if this was a time share, he said no, it was not, it was a vacation club and something better. After breakfast, he showed us his program and he offered us 13 Power Weeks and 17 K-Plus Weeks at Krystal, HE GUARANTEED that we could rent those weeks for $700 USD per week.

Then, he made offers like:

(A) He described this as a good investment opportunity because we could get all our initial payment back and more within 3 years.

(B) He said also there were no annual maintenance fees and we would only pay when we use our weeks.

(C) We could rent a room at all the expensive hotels in the R.C.I. book for just $399USD per week for up to 6 people.

(D) We can sell my friends time share in Las Vegas for a good market value and the proceeds from that would repay our money back for the purchase of the KIVC membership.

When we asked again if the rental money is guaranteed, their salesman ERIC GUERRERO said it was GUARANTEED. He said that their partner Regal Rentals and Resales would be able to list and rent out our weeks with no problem. It was too good to be true, so we decided to sign the paperwork.

To our dismay, all the benefits their salesman Eric Guerrero said we would get with the KIVC membership were turning out to be untrue. We felt completely betrayed and worry constantly that the sensitive information we gave them during the purchase of the membership would be abused, we were DECEIVED and LIED TO with their DECEITFUL SALES PRACTICES and MISLEADING INFORMATION.

We called Krystal to complain, the Quality Assurance manager RAY RUBIO took our call, he denied the existence of any such promises and he was rude to us.


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40ddb6a7, 2009-06-29, 04:49PM CDT

This is Alice L, I made this complaint against Krystal and I made a BlogSpot. If you were scammed by Krystal, I invite anyone who wants to share information about Krystal, and this way we will warn all the american citizens to stay away from these SCAMMERS.


0d9dfe0c, 2010-03-02, 11:57PM CST




Date of Problem:

2010-02-19 01:54:01.0

Company Name:

Krystal International Vacation Club

Has this problem been resolved yet?


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Krystal Hotel Vacation Club, Cancun, MEXICO. Be aware of vacation club scams while on vacation! Of course, you are there to have fun, relax, tour and so Krystal has vacation specialists right at the airport to get you signed up for a Krystal Vacation Club presentation. They count on getting you to their presentation the first day of your vacation so that you don't have time to read the fine print. You are given discounted tickets to major tourist attractions and a free breakfast. Krystal will tell you the Vacation Club is a GREAT INVESTMENT and that you will receive your money back by having your unit "rented out" by the broker they recommend. The fact is, that the broker that Krystal recommends wants $665.00 from you before they do anything at all for you. You, of course, do not find this out until after you sign the sales agreement with Krystal. We found out 14 days after we signed up and it's not mentioned at all during the presentation. When I called the broker recommended by Krystal Vacation Club pretending to be a "potential renter", the broker didn't even mention renting from a Krystal Vacation Club owner. LOOK AT ALL the websites and all the upset people that have signed up with Krystal Vacation Club. We wish that we had. There is a clause in the Krystal Sales Vacation Club Agreement that even says "ANY STATEMENTS WHETHER VERBAL OR WRITTEN WHICH ARE NOT CONTAINED IN THE OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION PROVIDED TO THE MEMBER AND SIGNED BY THE CLUB REPRESENTATIVE WILL BE HELD INVALID IN CASE OF DISPUTE." And why do they have this clause???? It's because they will say and write down anything you want and you will believe them. It just won't be included in the agreement and they can get away with it because of this clause. They switched paperwork on us. The representative guaranteed that we would make money and the money owed to Krystal would be paid off in 6 months because of this. The representative wrote "guaranteed" on the document and signed his name by the amounts and the month when the first check from our "rental unit" would be sent to us. But when we looked through the paperwork, this had been switched to one with-OUT his guarantee. They are clever and experienced at making it sound like you're a fool if you pass up this opportunity but they leave out very sufficient information. They will tell you that they never have problems renting units out because the Convention Center is just across from them and they're always booked up by businessmen. Maybe Krystal has their units booked up, but IT'S NOT YOUR UNIT that is booked up. We went back the very next morning after we signed the contract and a different representative said we could not cancel or we would loose all our money because we had bought an "existing contract" from someone who had "upgraded." We went back again on the 4th day and talked to our first representative that we signed with, who is an ex-football player. He gave us back the original signed agreement and said it was cancelled then. We BELIEVED HIM AND WE SHOULD NOT HAVE. As I said before, Krystal's broker, Regal Rental and Sales called us 14 days afterwards and told us we were still in the vacation club and they needed $665.00 from us so they could "rent out unit" for them. Krystal lied about the Bank of America, too. If you read the many stories from victims of Krystal, they tell you that Bank of America will only charge a 3% interest rate because they do so much business with Krystal, and because the bank knows they will get the money paid off FAST. Krystal has told others, that there would be no interest rate at all. BUT THE INTEREST RATE(s) KRYSTAL TELLS YOU ABOUT BANK OF AMERICA IS A LIE, TOO. There is NO SPECIAL INTEREST RATE FROM BANK OF AMERICA BECAUSE OF THEIR BUSINESS WITH KRSYTAL!!! PLEASE INVESTIGATE MORE BEFORE SIGNING UP WITH KRYSTAL VACATION CLUB IN CANCUN, MEXICO. READ THE MANY, MANY, MANY WEBSTIES ON THE INTERNET. Just go to Google or Yahoo and type in KRYSTAL FRAUD OR KRYSTAL SCAM. There are many more sites on Krystal besides these and there are literally PAGES of them! BE AWARE!!!!! If Krystal Vacation Club is such a great deal, why are there so many unhappy people? It's not like I'm the only person that is making negative comments about them. LOOK AT THEIR HISTORY!! READ WHAT OTHERS HAVE EXPERIENCED and what they are going through now. You only have 5 days to cancel and then you're out of luck. Krystal, of course, does not mention this at the presentation either, although it is in the fine print. The sales representative lied when he said we couldn't cancel. The ex-football player lied when he said we were cancelled when he gave us back the original sales agreement. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!!!!!

3e88ecc6, 2010-10-16, 10:27AM CDT

Same thing has happened to my wife and I on September 18 2010. We were lied to and have not received benefits that were promised, our rep told us they would purchase our timeshare in FL so we can pay off our Krystal purchase, and promised and guarentted the rental of 10 weeks. Numbers calls and email have gone unanswered.

40ddb6a7, 2010-12-28, 12:40PM CST

I would like to inform to all those members who read this comment that our contract with Krystal has been cancelled and this matter has been completed to our satisfaction. Try to contact Martha Gonzalez and she will help you.

A Liu.

7f36cc5d, 2012-02-02, 03:35PM CST

A mi me paso exactamente lo mismo que a todos ustedes con el KRYSTAL .Yo ya estoy actuando, entre mas seamos en contra de ellos mucho mejor, por favor enviame tu caso a [email protected]

It happened to me exactly the same as all of you with Krystal. I'm already acting, the more we are against them much better, please send your case to [email protected]

4c45f3a9, 2012-02-27, 09:37PM CST

i did purchased same membership from krystal hotel back in may 2011 i had to call my credit card bank to get post my id number to ice still to day feb. 2012 i can not able to book my reservation to krystal hotel cancun

Eva C., 2014-03-21, 10:41AM CDT

I know how you feel, and it seems like this is a common problen in Mexico. I purchased a travel program through Sandos Playacar at Royal Elite Timeshare Resort in Playa del Carmen last March and I requested to cancel within the 5 day grace period but they still have not refunded my down payment of over $9000 US dollars. I have been in touch with people there and they say they are working the process but it takes time. It has now been almost 5 months and I am losing faith they will ever pay me back. This is another forum with more complaints about this company:


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