Denny's - Racism still strong at Denny's

Posted on Saturday, June 20th, 2009 at 10:12am CDT by 34007f33

Product: Restaurant

Company: Denny's

Location: 14697 duval road
jacksonville, fl, 32218, US


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On 6/19/09 at 8:00am I entered this Denny's by the airport in Jacksonville. We were sat in waitress Terry's section. She seemed upset that we were sat in her section. My wife and I are African American. Terry did not greet us but made a point of walking to the person who sat us to let her know it was not her turn to take a table. After about 7 minutes, we still had not been waited on. A White couple walked in and Terry sprung into action, bypassing the hostess to sit the White couple in her section. Terry was very personable and friendly to this couple. After another 2-3 minutes, Terry took their drink order and food order. She then, in a very unfriendly tone asked me and my spouse "What are you having". No Hello Welcome to Denny's, no nothing. We waited for service and didn't get anything but a waitress with an attitude who doesn't appreciate waiting on minority customers. When I asked for a manager, I was told that the manager was at the bank and not available. After all the lawsuits that Denny's has had, they have obviously not learned their lesson. Well I've learned mine and I will not be caught dead at any Denny's in northeast Florida. In the year 2009 any thing is possible, but waitresses picking and choosing their customers is abhorrent and reeks of a company culture from top to bottom. Denny's is an embarrassment to "Family" restaurants everywhere.


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48626925, 2009-07-29, 03:10PM CDT

My boyfriend and I were traveling back to jacksonville from orlando and decided to stop into denny's for breakfast. I am african american and my boyfriend is caucasion. The hostess sat us, and our waitress was very unhappy about the situation. The restaurant was almost completely empty except for an older lady eating by herself in the corner. After about 5-10 minutes the waitress finally came and took our drink order. I requested a water with lemon and my boyfriend a dr. pepper. it took her at least 15 minutes to bring that to us, she then reluctantly took our order. I had the "build a breakfast", and he had a burger. while we were ordering she never looked at me, and had her back partially turned to walk away at any moment (which she did before I could fully place my order), i had to call her back in mid step of her leaving the table. she seemed as though we were bothering her by being there... she was extremely rude. To make matters worse, after she brought us our food, which was wrong and cold, she never came back to the all. I had to fill our drinks myself 2 additional times. I asked to hostess, as well as other waitress' where "the lady who was helping us was", and no one could find her. I finally requested to speak to a manager who also said he didn't know where she was. He did however take care of the bill for us, but that did not take away from how rude and careless that waitress was. No matter what her views are about interraicial couples, she is there to do a job, one that she lacked greatly, and apparently could care less about.

25a665f9, 2010-01-12, 06:25PM CST

I have to agree with you in a different way. I recently attempted to apply to a Denny's where a huge "Now Hiring" sign was posted, but when I tried to apply I was told there were no open positions. I live in California and am African American as well, and I'm just fed up with stuff like this.

0bb4fe46, 2011-04-29, 12:01AM CDT

I'm an African american 21 year old who was hired at a Dennys in Roseville michigan on a street called Gratiot near masonic about 2 or 3 weeks ago and while in training i noticed that the managers from time to time helped seat and wait on guests and it dawned on me when ever blacks would walk in the manager would instead of taking them to a table would call yell to me so very unprofessionally and loud from the opposite end of the store to seat them. It also struck me as odd that in the entire week i worked there i seen absolutly no diversity in ANY of the people who worked there no asian, black, mexican, thai nothing it was 99.9 percent white i was the 0.01.

what makes it worse is that during my interview they constanly asked me questions about my other job KFC thats normal but my entire interview was basically giving info on KFC it wasnt about my personality, friends, family i was never asked about my hobbies none of my references were called just my job at KFC. It was like i was being debriefed for info.

After my first week of training i was told to take Sunday off and i would be called monday...monday no phone call so tuesday morning i get up super early and call 10 minutes after the manager is supposed to come in and call im told the manager is on a smoke break...really? after less then 20 minutes on the job u have to go smoke? i ask if they can have her call me and i was told she would, all day no call. Wensday i call and im told the manager is cooking call back later i call back later and talk to a manager but not the one who said she will call me this manager a guy name Les Simmons says he will talk to the manager Christine Post but she couldnt talk because she was cooking so call back in an hour. hour later shes still cooking call back in another hour i was told she left. Thursday i call and nobody answered the phone at all the second time i called that day i was told Christine was cooking once again and she will call me when she gets a chance. 2 weeks later i have worked there about 20 hours total and because i was told i was training i couldnt take tips but also was only payed $2.70 something an hour which is below minimum wage and is infact slave labor. I have exellent customer service and even had people insist i take a tip from them but as a trainee i wasnt allowed so if im not compensated for my below minimum wage pay for that week or at all for discrimination the owners of that establisment Thomas F. Pilbeam and Jack Thompson should be ready to go to court because that is uncalled for and unprofessional in this day and age.

0bb4fe46, 2011-04-29, 12:39AM CDT

About 3 weeks ago i was hired at the Denny's at 38131 Gratiot in Roseville michigan right off of masonic blvd. and Im a 21 year old African American with about 2 years of experience in this kind of environment as i work at a KFC also at first i thought it was a great oportunity to show off my customer service skills as well as get some good tips. During my first week of training they have u watch videos on the way things work at Denny's the vast majority of everyone in these videos is an African American while watching these videos it struck me as odd that in the 2 1/2 days i spent watching these tutorials that everyone in it was black but all the employess around me had no diversity other then White. I also noticed that while i was on the floor the managers tended to help seat guests and take drink orders for people but everytime Blacks walked in a manager would unprofessionally yell across the store and have me stop tending to guests on the opposite end to come and seat more Black people. after a week of training i was told i could take Sunday 04/17/11 off and i will be contacted either then or monday on coming back in to finish up training. Usually i would be at work and clock in by 9am monday i got no phone call so i waited till then and called i asked to speak to a manager and i was told she stepped out which is odd because at this location managers come in at 7am and its 2 of them so neither manager was in the store which doesnt sound odd at all. I asked the person who picked up the phone if they could have the manager Christine Post who is the one who said she will call me know i called. i was given the ok and recieved no phone call from Dennys all day.

Tuesday i wake up and call this time at 7:10 and i was told the manager was taking a smoke break so basically that meant that both managers Christine and Debbie Sawyer couldnt work 20 minutes without a smoke break? that says alot about the hours they spend on the clock. Once again i asked if a manager could be notified that i called and i would like to know when to come back in to work because as a trainee its not writen on the scedule but if i call back wensday which is when they are made i will be able to find out. A phone call free tuesday goes by and wensday i wake up and call at 8am not only was my name not put in the scedule yet but i was told to call back and talk to a manager. I called back around 4pm and talked to manager Les Simmons and asked when to i come in again and he said he has to ask Christine so call back in an hour because she was cooking. an hour later and a waiter answers and says Christine is still cooking so i have to call back i asked if i could speak to Les i was put on hold then told a few moments later he was busy and to call back, i called back and got no response. Thrusday i called and got no response that morning around 9am so i called back at 10 and was told the manager Christine was cooking again and call back later. I said i just need them to walk in the kitchen and ask what day and time to come back to work because ive been getting the run around since monday. I was put on hold for a minute then told i would be contacted.. that was the 21st its now the 29th and i have yet to recieve a phone call.

I found it odd that the two interviews i did i was asked all questions about KFC nothing about me, what i like to do or things like that as you would expect in a job interview the focus was all KFC and occasionally i was given a scenerio of something bad that could happen at Denny's and asked has that ever happened at KFC and to give an example then explain how i handled it. If they wanted to debrief me on info they could have asked and i would have shared a few things but the whole hiring thing was a bit much. The fact that the only black person that worked there did a full weeks work at $2.70 an hour and some change is not right michigan state low says that if i get payed in tips and those tips dont equal or surpass minimum wage i am to be payed by the employers an amount to equal it but i was told that as a trainee im not allowed to pick up tips even if the customers i really hit it off with insisted. Because of this act of slave labor I would hate to be the one to contact Thomas F. Philbeam and Jack Thompson the owners of that location to let them know they have a court date for unjust wages and racial descrimination but if your business is racist in this day and age i have no remorse for the bad karma that follows you around because of your evil ways.

jose b., 2013-09-28, 06:05AM CDT

2013 and Denny's still having racial problems.

7ccf41fb, 2013-12-13, 07:46PM CST

I have visited Denny's on Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, MI many times. The service is terrible there. The final and last visit was just too much. I am African American and while I was there with my mother and sister, we noticed that the hostess tried to sit us in an all black section in the back of the restaurant. My mother asked if we could be seated elsewhere and the hostess uncomfortably seated us in a section full of white customers. Our food was terrible. Not only were our orders mixed up but we had to send the food back twice. Once the manager was brought to our table she seemed to be very annoyed and made excuses for why our food was cold and undone. Denny's not only racist, but their food is terrible.

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