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Posted on Saturday, June 20th, 2009 at 2:29pm CDT by 641c7be4

Product: Pharmacy

Company: Costco Store #478, San Bernardino, Ca.

Location: 1099 Hosp. Lane,
San Bernardino, Ca., Ca, US


Category: Other

Will not refill/fill Dr. Orders.

Costco has a problem with their Pharmacy and their inability to fill a standing order for my Meds. Have been emailing and sending costco feedback forms for 3 months now with no correction of my Dr. orders.

I have been treated with a lack of respect, made up excuses for why my meds. are not ready after my Dr. orders were clear to refill and a general contempt.

I have emailed the Pres. Mr. James D. Sinegal with no response, emailed the pharmacy at and filed a complaint with the store, WITH NO RESPONSE AT ALL.

It seems that costco pharmacy is not educated in this Dept.

And i am VERY UNHAPPY with the interuption of my medications.

If I am unable to resolve this issue, I will fill a complaint with the California Pharmacy Board.

L.J. Essman


104c2494, 2009-06-21, 08:43PM CDT

Um, why don't you just take your prescription to a different pharmacy?

7ecb423f, 2009-08-07, 03:47PM CDT

I just sent them an email due to missing pills. I have had several issues with Costco pharmacy on Germantown Pkwy. Memphis,TN. I filled Adderall XR for my son and only received 20 pills in the bottle. I called and explained it and they insist that they triple count the pills. I guess they forgot that when the prescription was ready, they pulled us aside and said it turned out the brand for Adderall XR was cheaper than the generic so they went back and re-filled the prescription in less than 3 minutes. I know they did not re-count.

My insurance company paid over $129 on that claim plus my $20 co-payment. This is not the first mistake the have made on filling prescriptions or making errors on processing insurance.

I will be more than happy to post all of my poor experiences on message boards with any screencaps and photo copies to back up my complaints.

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