Consumer Cellular - Consumer Cellular Won't let you keep your number

Posted on Thursday, June 18th, 2009 at 9:47am CDT by 700e3884

Product: Consumer Cellular AAA

Company: Consumer Cellular

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We wanted to change from the AAA Consumer Cellular plan to another provider. The new provider (ATT) went to change our phone numbers to the new service. They were given a message that our phone numbers were "owned" by Consumer Cellular and that we could not keep them. We were told to contact AAA and try to have Consumer Cellular release our numbers. The ATT ssles rep made repeated calls and literally tried for hours to move our numbers to ATT. After 4 hours we had to go with new phone numbers, because AAA and Consumer Cellular deliberatly make it difficult to transfer your phone numbers. We needed to update immediately because we have no land line. Be aware of this if you are thinking of using Consumer Cellular. You may have to change your phone numbers if you decide to leave them.


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988bac8b, 2009-06-26, 01:40PM CDT

Sorry to hear your plight!

It's not only Consumer Cellular that pulls this "stunt"!

We wanted to op out of our ATT account

landline and DSL, and go with a sweet Comcast package here in Florida!

OK? NO!...

ATT obstructed the transaction and even the intervention of the Comcast people to resolve the issue with ATT was unsuccessful!

ATT claimed that as we had TWO(2) addresses listed with them (ATT) therefore they could not port our telephone number to COMCAST! We do indeed have TWO addresses listed! ONE, is the GENERAL POSTAL address for the retirement park, we live in! TWO, is the actual PHYSICAL LOCATION OF OUR HOUSE within this park! Which is

necessary for the service people of ATT, for one! Ever heard of such a STUPID reason for denial of porting a phone number? Obviously, no superior intelligence required to see that ATT (On the slippery corporate slope?)is determined not to allow its customers to opt out of their avaricious clutches!

What BASTARDS! No wonder corporate America is bottoming out!

0ef04d4d, 2011-01-31, 01:47AM CST

There are really a lot of nasty things that I can associate with Consumer Cellular. This was my previous provider before I changed to Just5. Just5 compensated all the headaches I got from Consumer Cellular. I have no problem with this. In fact, I found the affordability that is being prided by Consumer Cellular in this provider. Unlike Consumer Cellular, Just5 offers unlimited call and text service and all of their minutes expire in 90 days. Well, I wish Consume Cellular would improve their service to keep their remaining consumers.

9338c2eb, 2013-12-29, 01:49PM CST

I too have not been able to transfer our phone number from Consumer Cellular. It is a number we have had for thirty years. The message our new phone company receives when the put in a request is that "Customer Information Does Not Match". They asked for a copy of my phone bill, which I provided, but their requests are still rejected. So far they have submitted the request five times, with the same error message each time. Consumer Cellular's porting department wasn't able to shed any more light on the situation. So I just cancelled both my phone numbers with Consumer Cellular and filed a complaint with the BBB. Unfortunately, they have still not released the number. I am afraid we will have to wait a long time in order to get our phone number back.

Bill b., 2015-01-31, 04:40PM CST

Contact the FCC...They must transfer the number

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