CARMAX - BEWARE of CARMAX (piss poor cust. serv.)

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 at 7:50pm CDT by e4068fc1

Product: vehicle purchase experience

Company: CARMAX

Location: West Broad St. location
Richmond, VA, 23238, US

Category: Other

Carmax does not allow pre-purchase inspection of their vehicles. Once you pay your money and drive off the lot, do NOT expect quality customer care as a follow up to your purchase. After having purchased a high end luxury vehicle from Carmax and taking it to a luxury brand specialist for a post-purchase inspection, I discovered a few minor issues. I promptly scheduled an appointment with Carmax to address and fix those issues. They would not take in my vehicle until the 5th day after purchase. (You will have 5 calendar days to address mechanical issues and return the vehicle). Instead of replacing rear brake pads and rotors which were deemed to be "very low" by the luxury brand specialist, Carmax simply told me that they were fine in their opinion. Instead of ordering the $185 missing undercarriage panel, Carmax said they wanted me to come in and point out what was missing. How would I know? Instead of addressing the driver side door which would not close properly, Carmax said it seemed to be due to a puffy inner door seal. Bottom line: Carmax will take your money and run with it, leaving you to diagnose and fix any issues with the vehicle yourself. I had even purchased the highest level of extended warranty, which did no good as it did not cover the said repair. The sales manager spoke down to me and argued with me for a half hour about why I was wrong to ask for a little consideration and quality customer service.

I spoke to a service tech, the service manager, the sales manager, a business office associate, an operations manager, 3 customer care rep's in the corporate office, the CEO's secretary. No one would connect me to the local branch's general manager or to the company CEO. Why? Because no one of real power wants to hear of how shoddy their employees treat their "valued" customers. The repair I requested would cost,in their opinion, "a couple hundred dollars".

If Carmax won't absorb a "couple hundred dollars" to satisfy a customer, aggravates a situation by arguing with the customer, does not return phone calls as promised, then they do not deserve a good reputation. The public and the shareholders have a right to know how dismissive and disrespectful the staff is.


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