KSFM Radio

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 10:39am CDT by 3df1e1c5

Product: Radio Advertising

Company: KSFM Radio

Location: Sacramento, CA, US

URL: http://www.ksfm.com/

Category: Other

Our Company has bought Radio Advertising for 36 years. Since we travel throughout the country, we understand the need for payment in advance. Whenever a mistake has taken place the vast majority of stations have made reasonable adjustments. Our experience with KSFM Radio was just the opposite. Parts of our radio buy included a live remote. In addition to KSFM we also bought commercials and a remote on KDND. When KSFM saw a second station present they terminated their remote. They claim they do not perform remotes when another station is present. In all of our years of buying radio, we never had such an occurrence. On 100+ occasions we've had simultaneous remotes. Apparently, they are intimidated when KDND is present. As we've experienced in the past KDND had no problem with a simultaneous remote. After checking the results it is understandable why KSFM was intimidated. Their results were a fraction of KDND. We're experienced enough to know stations cannot guarantee results. We're also experienced enough to know unacceptable business practices.

When buying advertising our remote spots are a package. If we were not able to have the remote, we would not have run the spots. After numerous attempts for a reasonable settlement the station's offer was actually insulting. Our financial loss was significant and hopefully this alert can save others. Of course, this is part of the problem when you pre-pay ads with non-reputable stations.


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