Permatan Association - permatan and paypal

Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2009 at 4:46pm CDT by 1494036c

Product: permatan

Company: Permatan Association

Location: 55 Avenue Marceau 75016 Paris France
Paris, FR


Category: Other

In May 28 2006, my payment is accepted by Permatan Ass. via paypal as 64 GBP. and transaction done. I have never recieved my product and also no refund made. I e-mailed to both Permatan and also Paypal, there has never any response for my e-mails. Calling from Turkey to these companies wasn't easy for me but also I lost big amount with this transaction. I have my records of my payment accepted by permatan and also paypal. I want to complain about this violation as customer service should take care of this but didnt even get any e-mail from them. Thank you for giving me this chance..


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