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Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2009 at 2:04pm CDT by 7292e7f3

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Company: Apthost Communications USA Inc.

Location: AptHost Communications Inc. 800 Fifth Avenue Suite #4100
Seattle, Wa, 98104, US

URL: http://www.apthost.com/

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I am a former freelance contractor for Apthost communications and during the last 2 months of working with the company it was unethically acquired by Rancho Santa Monica Developments. In my experience working with the company I have seen a severe lack of service to it's clients, and the unprofessional conduct of the businesses administration and management has left employees and contractors in the position of facing reduced payment or lack of payment as it has been threatened in the past due to "company budget issues."

The company is relatively small but has many clients. My prior supervisor was appointed the position of CEO in the company, and in many cases it seemed as if he made himself deliberately unavailable to handle issues of business or escalated customer service requests.

During May of 2009, my payment was held from me, and it wasn't until almost 2 weeks into June that I was paid my agreed upon salary. To even be paid for the work I did took a tooth-and-nail fight with the CEO, and the company still has an outstanding debt of 2 weeks of service work that it has yet to pay me, and the payment was due on the 15th of June, 2009. The agreement for my pay rate was negotiated and agreed upon by the former company owner, and as a progression of the company turning over ownership I was not notified of any adjustments to my pay rate, so my pay was assumed to have not changed.

At no point in time did any executive officer or official in management confront me to renegotiate my payment, and at no point in time did any executive officer or official send out proper and advanced notice to staff or any contractors/employees regarding the statement of the company having any sort of budget issue.

My personal and professional experience has been that this is not a company worth working for, and this is not a company worth considering for Web Hosting.

I send this message in caution to persons interested in using Apthost's services, or considering working for the company. This message is a statement of my personal experience and does not necessarily reflect the experiences of others.


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