Panasonic Corporation - Panasonic Poor Quality Products, Worse Customer Service

Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2009 at 5:22pm CDT by f048b015

Product: DMR-EZ47k

Company: Panasonic Corporation

Location: One Panasonic Way
Secaucus, NJ, 07094, US


Category: Other

I purchased this VHS/DVD Burner combo unit a little over a year ago. Since owning it, is has been nothing but trouble. It frequently freezes up, requiring me to reach around and unplug it to get it working again, it randomly displays artifacts on the screen during DVD playback, and is just plain trouble. I know I didn't just get a bum unit in that most of the review on the product on Amazon and elsewhere bore out the same experiences. During the course of my ownership, I have contacted Panasonic numerous times in an attempt to resolve it. I have had e-mails ignored, I have received canned responses (2 months after my inquiry. I have spent hours on hold, only to speak with non-english speaking morons who hadn't a clue. I have updated the firmware, and I have gotten nowhere. Finally, I filed complaints with the BBB and Division of Consumer Affairs, and after first denying the problem, and after 2 more months of lies and baloney, they finally agreed to buy the unit back from me. Their "legal representative" a clown by the name of Michael Marino Jr. wrote me a letter and stated specifically that if I "forward to him a copy of the receipt, I will send you a check and packaging materials to return the unit." I immediately faxed him a copy of the receipt, only to have this liar then tell me that now I had to send him the unit first. As Panasonic lied to me and played this game already once, I was not going to fall for it a second time. Since then, I have had several conversation with this dispicable person and have gotten nowhere. Never in my life have I dealt with a company with worse customer service. Rather than honor their warranty, and stand behind their products, Panasonic would rather employ lowlife pseudo legal councilors to protect their precious image by fabricating lies and pushing off customers. Even when he is, in words only, attempting to do the right thing, he can't bring himself to do so without playing games.

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6f2c2e68, 2012-03-03, 07:51AM CST

Couldn't agree more. They customer services are the worse I've ever seen in my life. I had some trouble with a panasonic camera, and got completelly ignored by then.

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