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Posted on Friday, June 12th, 2009 at 8:35am CDT by 811968b3

Product: HD Service

Company: Dish Network

Location: Dept 0063
Palatine, IL, 60055-0063, US


Category: Other

We just purchased a new HD TV and to be able to watch our TV in HD we have to pay a $10/month charge to dish. WHY? Why should they be able to charge me a month charge to be able to watch my TV the way it should be? Is there another way to get your TV on HD with out monthy charge?


78707399, 2010-02-26, 02:17PM CST

Nope. unfortunately, you cannot do that. This is considered new technology to them and with new technology, they tend to take advantage of it and charge people for it. The only provider that I know who advertises free HD is Time Warner.

Another way is if you buy an antenna and get local channels in HD.

cc2165a6, 2013-04-29, 02:16PM CDT

AFni, Inc. Account 043157245-01

Dish Network Account 8255909353277898

This account belonged to Andria West in Polkville, MS. She is my sister, but I never received any service from this account. I did not live with her and I do not have Dish Service in my home in Clinton. I have never received nor paid this bill and I am not responsible for it. Mrs. West died the first of March. I am not her executor and have no power or attorney for her affairs. Linda Brasfield is supposed to have her Power of Attorney according to Andria's son, who is incarcerated. This is his father's current wife. Robert and Linda's number is 601-992-4408. Please do not send any more bills or collection phone calls to me.

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