Posted on Friday, June 12th, 2009 at 6:08am CDT by 76ff7e9c

Product: Clarks (001021638065)

Company: Not Available

Location: HK

Category: Other

For the past 20 years, I trust Clarks so much and believe its quality. However, last year, I bought a pair of Clarks (001021638065) in HK and wore it yesterday (10th June 2009). It made me very supervise, it totally separated from its sole when I am walking on the street. How embarrassing it is!!!

How the local distributor said, it is an old model it should be sold more than a year. They will not liable to any shoe which sold more than a year regardless you have used it or not." and Clarks UK cusotmer service advisor said they will support their decision. Yes, they are right and totally correct.

But What's wrong with them? They didn't care how disappoint a loyal customer is, when he wore his brand new Clarks and it suddenly broken. They just told me sorry I can't help you. Maybe they are not hired to understand us and no need to care the Clarks brand (more than 130 years), image and our feeling .

Furthermore, no salesman told us how to keep Clarks. Of course, no one told me if I did not use it for a year Clarks will DECAY itself. I think I may be the first case in HK. However, I surfed on the web and found that it is not, it happened all over the world - US, UK, Malaysia, HK etc..... Clarks means quality becomes a LEGEND.

Hoping that Clarks Head Office will pay attention to this problem.


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