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Posted on Thursday, June 11th, 2009 at 5:24pm CDT by eb0f826a

Company: AAA

Location: AAA Mid-Atlantic 200 Commerce Drive
Newark, DE, 19713, US


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June 11, 2009

Bruce Rawding

Dorothy Keihm

AAA Mid-Atlantic

200 Commerce Drive

Newark, DE 19713

Re: Complaint # 271

Dear Mr. Rawding and Ms. Keihm:

On May 18, I was driving my 1999 BMW 325 on Charles Street in Baltimore. The car stalled out with no warning just prior to the intersection of Kenilworth Ave. I tried starting it again and managed to pull the car over where it once again stalled on the side of Charles St. I immediately called AAA for a tow to the BMW dearlership which just happened to be on Kenilworth Ave about a mile or so away.

AAA sent B&B Towing to the scene and B&B towing explained that they "had to grab the car from the rear which would be too difficult because of traffic", but that they "would flag down a police officer or try to work something out". The tow truck driver then asked me to try to start the car in which I tried. The car started. He said to me, "can you pull around the corner on Kenilworth and then we can try to tow from there"? I did what he asked me to do, but after I pulled onto Kenilworth and got out of my car thinking he would then tow it, he said to me, "Oh, you are fine now, just go ahead and keep driving the car, I will follow you to the dealership since it is less than a a mile away". Me not knowing anything about cars, I was a bit surprised but trusted the tow truck company with their advice. My son was in the car with me and questioned why they would not tow us. A loud noise was coming from the engine and the car's power was about 1/3 of the normal power. But he insisted I drive it and he follow. We arrived to the dealership and the tow truck driver said "OK, they will help you from here, I am done". I asked him if he could at least give me and my son a ride home. He stated, "No, we dont do that." He then left.

After a wrong diagnosis to begin with, (which is a separate matter we are dealing with), the dealership told us that the engine was "trashed, dead and it needed a new engine which would cost $14,000 with parts and labor".

You can only imagine my and my husband's response. Utter shock and disbelief. This car has had regular maintenance, service, oil changes from the same BMW dealership for the past 5 years! This car ran perfectly up until the moment it stalled!

The dealership questioned me why the tow truck driver didn't tow me, why he insisted that I just drive the rest of the way and they even said to me, "AAA owes you an engine".

We immediately filed a complaint with AAA. An investigation is pending but now it gets worse. AAA sent a damage assessment person to the dealership to examine the engine. Sadly, we have just heard back today by AAA (after numerous unanswered phonecalls) that our claim is "being denied because the engine damage was already done prior to the initial call to AAA". AAA also stated that "the tow truck driver is saying that when I turned the corner onto Kenilworth Drive, that I had asked them to just follow me". Now that is a BOLD faced lie. Due to the negligence of AAA not towing the car, the engine was damaged. We do not know exactly where and when the engine died, HOWEVER, there is no proof for either of us. There is no excuse for not towing this car. B&B Towing made a huge mistake and a bad call. They should have NEVER told me to drive that car and they would follow me! And now they are lying out of their teeth saying I asked them to follow me??!! If I wanted them to follow me, I would have never called them to begin with. I called them for a tow.

Our attorney will pursue this if a compromise is not met to help us. I pay money every year for a PLUS membership for AAA to help ME. They did not help me here; they assisted in the death of my car. Many people I have consulted with believe that AAA owes me an engine. I would be happy with them providing me with half the cost of the engine, simply due to the fact that no one can prove where the engine died. But now that they wont even take the time to investigate, that they are taking the word of the tow truck driver and the word of the damage assessment person and what he THINKS happened, I will now pursue all of the money for a replacement engine and additional monies for the inconvenience and headaches this has given me.

AAA is not here to help, they are here to destroy cars, lie and try to cover up instead of promptly admitting their wrongdoing.


Gefeng Zhu


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