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Posted on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 at 5:56pm CDT by 47566a64

Product: CLP-300

Company: Samsung Electronics

Location: 400 VALLEY RD SUITE 201


Category: Other

I purchased a Samsung CLP-300 on 9/10/2008. On 1/7/09 the printer fuser malfunctioned so I sent it back to the Samsung service center in California. They sent it back to me 1/26/09. On 4/14/09 the printer fuser malfunctioned again. So I again sent it back to California to be repaired. I got it back and it worked ok for 2 weeks and malfunctioned yet again. I called the company yet again to inform them that the printer was malfunctioning again. They asked me to return it to California for service again. I am in Pennsylvania so each time I ship it back to California it takes a week out, time for repairs, and a week back. So they find me a service center that is 45 minutes from my home. I take the printer to the service center and they fix it for the third time. 6/15/09 the printer malfunctioned with the same error as the previous 3 times. I call Samsung who again wants me to send the unit in for repair. By this time it is obvious that this printer has more problems than the fuser - something else has to be making it do what it is doing. I should also mention that I use this printer for business purposes. It has been away being serviced the better part of the time since January.

By this time I am extremely frustrated and ask if there is something Samsung can do as I am extremely tired of dealing with this printer. So they tell me that they can talk to the Corporate Offices to see if they can get me another printer. Someone was supposed to call me back in 2-3 days. No one ever contacted me. I called back on the 22nd - and got a reply that the supervisor was on vacation so my request was not processed until the 19th. So I call back again on the 29th. The CSR tells me that an approval was received on the 23rd but no one bothered to call me.

So they tell me they will exchange my defective printer for a refurbished printer. But they need to put a $200 hold on a credit card to do so. So I give them the number. I received the refurbished printer 7/8/09. I open the box and was ready to put my toners into the new printer and when I opened the cover - there are no guts in this printer.

So I called Samsung and they tell me that it is standard practice - I need to move the 2 internal components myself!?! So I do this and hook the new printer up. It tells me there is no ink. I call Samsung again. They say oh yeah, those are demo cartridges and will only work with your other printer. We can exchange them but we need to put a $50 hold on your cc. WHAT??!!?? I have been without a printer since the beginning of June. It has been almost a month. So they say they can exchange the cartridges via the UPS Store - over 45 minutes away.

At this point - I've been on the phone for over an hour. No one is willing to work with me. The customer service is the worst service I have ever had. Why should I have to wait longer? The toners should have come with the new "refurb" unit. I am now looking at another week for a printer that is usable.

This printer has been defective since January and Samsung just does not care. They have been unwilling to really help me out with anything. If they really cared they would have just sent me new cartridges over night or 2 day as a courtesy for all of the hassle I have had with their defective product. Or better yet they would have replaced the defective unit with a new printer with a new warranty since I've barely used the current piece of junk.


125c985c, 2009-10-09, 02:14PM CDT

I too have a problem with my CLP-300. I received an error message to replace the transfer belt. I paid $154 for a new transfer belt. After installing the transfer belt the same error message appeared. I called Samsung support who advised me that the nearest authorized service center was 2000 miles away in California (I live in NJ). I filled out a service request online and recieved a Service Ticket. When I called support they still had to ask me for all my contact information (even though it should have been in the service ticket).

7e7496cb, 2010-04-16, 01:17PM CDT

Welcome to the Club. I will never buy another Samsung product. I had trouble with a cellphone and went through the pains of hell getting it repaired and it was covered by their warranty. Not getting the hint, I purchased a CLP-300. A little over a year [out of warranty] the Fuser unit went kaput. It's an easy part to replace. Samsung would not sell me the part. It can be purchased on the Internet for $105+S&H. I only paid $128 and feel it's not worth it. I will stick with Epson. Never buy any Samsung products.

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