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Posted on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 at 4:43pm CDT by 94b4a811

Company: House 2 Home Furnishings -It really is hard to comprehend how bad this stores' sales practices and service are

Location: Edmonton, AB, CA


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It really is hard to comprehend how bad this stores' sales practices and service are: I really should have walked out of the store in the 1st 10 minutes when my 'salesman' took a personal call while walking me to show me beds. When I went to purchase the bed I was told I could not use American Express (AMEX); I told him thank you, I'll go elsewhere. Suddenly...the store took AMEX. Mmm. I was told verbally the bed would be delivered in 4 weeks....after a long fight with the store the bed arrived 12 weeks later. It arrived in pieces, no instructions, and missing hardware/parts and we had to pay the delivery guy 'cash only'. The store manager told me to get some screws and 'just drill holes' in my very new solid alder bed. I told him that was not an option...and he told me that was all he could do for me. Long story short -this has been the 'most painful' purchase experience I have ever had....with absolutely not customer service or problem resolution. Think long and hard before you EVER buy from that comes with great RISK.


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c23fdbd5, 2009-08-11, 04:59PM CDT

Wish we'd seen this complaint before we bought our bed. Same issues, late delivery (haven't had it yet) although promised within 6 week. Every time we phoned it's always "it'll be within two weeks".

Don't know yet if we will have to drills holes.

Manager of store refuses to give names of district manager, manufacturer or CEO so we can complain direct to them.

ea67755b, 2009-08-13, 03:14PM CDT

Well that scares me. I bought a bedroom suite on July 3rd and told it would be 4-6 weeks. Today I got a message saying after the first week of September. Then, she threw in that if it's damaged in any way to take photos and call them. I wonder if they would return my money.

fd18735e, 2009-09-30, 11:13AM CDT

I must say that although I'm sorry to hear other people are having the exact same problem as myself with House 2 Home, its nice to know that I'm not alone. My story: Purchased bedroom set May 2009. Received phone call June 2009 saying all but two pieces had arrived - the rest should be in the 'next shipment'. August 2009 (possession date), all items with the exception of the two pieces were delivered. We also had to pay the delivery guys cash only. I contacted them for the status on the remaining two items and always get the same response "it should arrive in the next shipment". Calls often go unanswered and the sales representatives are rude. Somehow it appears to be MY fault that they weren't able to deliver everything that I had purchased and FULLY paid for. I am livid. HIGHLY recommend NOT purchasing from House 2 Home.

3b857cf8, 2009-10-01, 02:30PM CDT

Oh goodness! All of these complaints sound exactly like ours. We bought a bedroom suite - July 4/09 with ETA of 10 weeks. 10 weeks has passed and we have been given all kinds of excuses. It is now Sept. 30 and still no reolution. They will not provide the name of the owner/CEO, and the branch manager has been incredibly rude and abrasive. This is really worrisome.

8743b586, 2009-10-16, 10:25AM CDT

Who or what is the owner of this business?

Has anyone ever talked to the owner - nickname "Sonny"?

cb86a96f, 2010-01-14, 10:24AM CST

House 2 Home was not willing to help me at all. After buying a queen bedroom set from them I got home to realize that there was at least 10 inches difference from my mattress to the footboard. They marked it as final sale and also hid the gap in the floor model to trick there customers. After telling the manager my problem he simply said that it was not his problem, very rude tone and hung up on me! wont give me my money back.? Horrible service! Do not spend your hard earned money on any furniture from this company.?

81661a5d, 2010-01-20, 09:34PM CST

From my experience there's always gaps between mattresses and footboards. This allows for some space for your bedding (duvet, etc.).

This doesn't seem to be as big of a deal as you're trying to make it...

6b3f50de, 2010-02-05, 10:03AM CST

This company sold me a leather couch set, and I also bought there "extended warrenty" plan. Less then six months later we noticed that the couch had two major rips in it, and because of the warrenty Iassumed it would be taken care of. When I contacted the store I was told no problem we will get you a new couch, because of the short time we had it, well that never happened. I kept phoning the store and talking to the manager, and it was always the same story, we are waiting for our next shipment and as soon as it comes in we will deliver it and pick up the old one. Well a month later I phoned the store for about the 10th. time and almost 4 months later, only to find out the manager no longer worked at this location. Not only was that a problem, but they had no record of my purchase from them( I paid cash ) So I was told the new manager would get a hold of me, and that never happened, I went in to the store and surprise no manager was there to talk to me. 6 months after all this started, I was informed that they had a new warrenty policy, and I was told to email and send picture to there head office in Edmonton, and they would get back tome. Well numerous emails sent, and I never recieved anything from them but a confirmation that they have received my email and someone would get back to me. This company rips customers off repeatedly, they have absolutely no customer service, and I want everyone to know that they will rip you off too!

3aba21fa, 2010-06-03, 10:47AM CDT

I completely agree, we faced a similar problem, wish I would have read this before purchasing a sectional sofa set. the salesperson confirmed that the delivery will be made in 4-6 weeks, but while making the invoice he changed it to 6-10 weeks and became so rude to the extent that he said his day is going to be bad as we were his first customers. I felt like taking my money back and never to come back again but the money was already given and it was a final sale. Now after the delivery we found that some parts are missing and the ottoman's balance is very shaky. We complaint twice but no response. Will recomend not to buy furniture from House2Home.

91ecc53a, 2010-06-03, 06:44PM CDT

I am sorry to hear of your bad experience with them. I have bought a bedroom suite from House 2 home Furnishing and have not had a problem with them. It came within 4 weeks and that was a custome order.I have my bed now for just over a year and have not had any problems with it. I am very happy with them and will go back to buy from them again.

1266c3e5, 2010-06-08, 04:29PM CDT

THE BEST STORE I EVER SHOPPED AT, THey Have the Best Selections, even it may take a little longer but the qulity is the best.

33b20e81, 2010-06-08, 04:32PM CDT

HA HA UR Stupied Most Bedrooms suites comes 10inches, because they all come from China, and people have different size of Queens and Kings, for example Euro Queens bed and Cali kings beds they are little bigger than the ones we get from Canada ** Think before you speak** thank you

baa373f7, 2010-06-08, 04:34PM CDT

When i first entered the store , i was amazed at the prices.Very good prices compared to ther stores in the same area.I had zero issues and i will shop there again!

14ef1cda, 2010-06-22, 01:39PM CDT

They are in complete violation of the Fair Trading Act...

Final purchase or not. If they don't deliver by law you have the right to a refund

My problems with these people have been endless...

768a8b2e, 2010-09-11, 03:50AM CDT

I can't believe a business like this gets away with the run around they give the customer AFTER they have your money!? I too fell victim to their 'I don't care attitude'. I put $1000 deposit on a bed set in the H2H store in Red Deer, and after much thought, went back the very next day (within 24hrs)to get my money back... just like the sales rep I dealt with verbally told me to do if I changed my mind and wanted all my money back. However, because it was a "final sale" they want to through on a 'penalty fee' of 35%??? I have NEVER had any furniture store do that... final sale or not. I requested to speak to a manager... nope, the one sales rep said "we don't have a manager for this store"... WHAT??? I then ask for a number to their head office... nope, "their is no number to call, only an email address for customer complaints"... again, WHAT??? I am livid by this point as you can imagine, so I take the email address and leave! I get home, start calling around to other furniture company's to inquire about this 'penalty fee' to which they are dumbfounded but not surprised to hear it is H2H!!! In speaking to the other outlets, it is here where I was told about H2H other locations in E-town. I call one of the managers there... again I get no where. In fact, even after losing 35% of my deposit, there is still a process of cancellation... it still has to be approved, and that can take at the least 30 days AND you may or may not get the remaining balance of your money back, more likey than not its an instore credit. The next day I call back to speak to him again... request my deposit back in full again, and again he said "sorry there was nothing he could do" and that he couldn't confirm what was said verbally from one of his employee's at the Red Deer location ... referring back to when I was told to come back within a 24hr period in order to get back all my deposit. I then ask to see a copy of this so called 'penalty fee' and asked if his company is accredited with the BBB... he starts with the attitude "I'm done with this conversation and am no longer willing to do anything for you... I'm no longer willing to give you anything, not even your money back, I don't like threats"!!! Ok guess you won't like the fact that I've also gone to the media with this... he then hung up.

This was suppose to be a fun experience for my son (who the bedroom set was for)and I, to which it has turned into a nightmare.

I work at a large Persons in Care facility to where the 100's of residents are always replacing their furniture... good customer relations and word of mouth is huge. That company not only lost out on my future business but that of the 100's of residents and the thousands of staff that work there as well. I may lose my $1000, but THEY lose so much more with the business that would have been connected through me!

From now on I'll be investigating any business before I hand over my hard earn dollar... you need to do the same, I only wish I knew what I know now before hand... live, learn and share I guess!!!

0db6212a, 2010-10-23, 01:01PM CDT

I would absolutely NOT recommend this furniture store. I am another victim. I wish I read the post before I did business with House 2 Home Furnishings in Red Deer.

I placed an order at House 2 Home Furnishings in Red Deer in 2010 when the store manager told me the furniture would deliver to my house in two weeks. Even after 4 months, I did not get my furniture.

When I request refund, I was surprised to hear from the manager the sale was Final Sale. Before I placed an order, the manager did not tell me final Sale and He deliberately put Final Sale in the receipt without being noticed. I communicated the store manager in person and over phone many times, the store manager always said, "It will be within two week."

I check BBB( rating about House 2 Home on October 22, 2010:

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.

Reasons for this rating include:

. 8 complaints filed against business

. Failure to respond to 4 complaints filed against business.

. BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating.

. BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.

. One complaint filed against business that was not resolved.

Business Contact and Profile

Name: FDF Home Furnishings

Phone: (403) 356-0333

Address: 4960 81 ST

Red Deer, AB T4P 3V3

File Open Date: August 2006

Type of Business: Furniture-Retail, Furniture-Wholesale

BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.

Additional DBA Names: House to Home Furnishings

House 2 Home Furnishings

I learn a lesson by the hard way (Loss a lot of dollars). I would like to share some tips for any big purchase.

1. Investigate the business: talk to friends, check online review for business' credibility and reputation

2. Do not take for granted what sale persons promise if they are not in written terms

3. Before hand the money and sign the bill, read all the terms such as warranty, refund or exchange conditions. Pay attention to words Final Sale some dishonest stores put on the bill without being noticed

4. Check business rating: use BBB in Canada


5. Choose high reputation store even if paying a little more money

75498766, 2010-11-07, 01:52AM CDT

House 2 Home is either a scam or an extraordinarily incompetent, inept furniture store. You pay for furniture and then, once they have your check, apparently you are expected to disappear into the sunset. We're still fighting to get our furniture months later.

Getting your product from these people is like winning the lottery.

Good luck.

836d82f0, 2010-12-29, 01:42PM CST

I also had a HORRIBLE experience there. My fiance and I purchased a bedroom set there for $2000. Lots of money, we finally get it delivered to our house, and so excited to put up, as we are putting the bed together we notice that the bed rails are a carmel colour not our dark brown color that we ordered. It was only the bed rails. I called immediately and they said that it couldn't be because they don't sell the carmel colour. They then made me take pictures of the bed rails, with the box label on it to just prove that it was true. Now 6 months later I STILL have not received my bed rails for my bed and still awaiting them to "come in". This business is horrible and I would suggest that NO ONE shop here!!

4371655d, 2011-01-11, 03:31PM CST

I also am trying to get a refund for furnishings purchased over 2 months ago. Paid cash - they dont even have the products and they wont refund...I think we need to take this corporation to court and also get some media attention so that others wont be taken advantage of also.

78f69bd0, 2011-03-13, 04:37PM CDT

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!! I bought a leather sectional with the ottoman from the Edmonton South store and the day I went to make the final payment on the layaway and arrange for delivery I spotted a nice bench on the sales floor. The salesman told me just put a small "refundable" deposit on it because they would not order it until the full 20% deposit was put down.I put $50.00 down on it and told them I would be back after my sectional was delivered 2 days later. When my sectional was delivered the ottoman was completely screwed.I opened it up to get the legs out and when I closed it screws came flying out,right out of the frame and the hinge came right off. After this,the whole thing would not close straight which then made the other hinge all bent.I did not even get the legs on this thing! I called them immediately and about 4 days later I got a call from their customer service lady and she wanted me to take pictures and e-mail them with a big report of what happened.I said well why dont you just get your delivery driver to pick it up and take it back to the store and you guys can deal with it.I mean every other store where I have had furniture delivered have NEVER expected us to bring back their crap product!! especially after paying almost $100.00 for delivery!! So in the meantime while waiting for my husband to come home from working out of town,I get about 5 calls in less than a week to come put even more of a deposit down on the bench!! I mean WHY THE HELL would I give them more money when they are not even dealing with the ottoman?? Needless to say...We are just keeping the broken ottoman because we dont have the time or patience to be fighting and delivering furniture to the other side of Edmonton and it is to heavy for me to help my husband carry. They also refused to give me my "refundable deposit" back for the bench because like the other customers stated: look on your bill it says all sales are final!! If anyone reads these complaints and still buys from might as well throw your money in the garbage!!! There are plenty of other furniture stores with great quality furniture and most important GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We all work very hard for our money and are promised a great quality product.As soon as they have your money like the others are saying they dont give a damn what happens...spend your money at a store that deserves your business!!!I hope this will help someone before they made the same mistake I did! I might be out money but someone I hope will benefit from this! :(

1266c3e5, 2011-04-16, 11:29AM CDT

OH MY GOD 12 Weeks no way i bought the same Suite yes i was delayed a week or too. but I love it sorry don't by product that your not ready to wait for, customer order is the best because you the one is going to be using it and enjoying it , so buy product in stock that made in CHINA

78f69bd0, 2011-08-25, 02:10AM CDT

I cannot believe someone would put Best Store ever shopped at!!!! They must work there or never get out!! It is the absolute most horrible place I have ever shopped at.2 months after my horrible experience with this company I bought a leather set from Leons and happy to report great customer service,FREE DELIVERY,great product and most important: 3 days to inspect the merchandise for defects in such case They would pick it up FREE of charge and replace it.Unlike House 2 home, terrible customer service, faulty product,$100 delivery fee with drivers who drop your product,and we cannot forget when they deliver their CRAP product that is broken they expect you to take pictures and drive it back to them!!! DO NOT BUY even a coffee from these people!! lots of other companies with better product and better customer service! We work hard for our money, buying from them you might as well flush it down the CRAPPER!!!!

17450c19, 2012-06-01, 06:53PM CDT

Now this store is closing out again! How many times will this store change names? We waited for bedroom furniture for way past the time it was to be in.then it comes damaged and no return policey .

All sales are final! I can not get my money back????

What kind of gong show place is this.

Very rude service.i would not recomend this place even to your worst enemy.

Me and my husband witnessed first hand the scam these guys pull.

Be ware Red Deer AB!

a03a7ef6, 2012-07-11, 01:28PM CDT

Yes! that was the guy who sold me the stuff... the guy SONNY! I want to get a hold of him but I have no clue where to as I boought an order for 8000 and EVERY peice was defective. Half my order still has not come in yet... I wish I went to IKEA instead.

If anyone has contact information on head office or district manager please let me know. [email protected]

22cd1fc7, 2012-07-14, 01:54PM CDT

I am SOOOOOO grateful you folks have posted these frustrations on here because I was just about to go down and purchase a bed for my daughter...NOT NOW. Thanks consumers for standing up and saving others from the hassle. I don't need that bed, that bad.

6923da58, 2013-07-16, 05:07PM CDT

i can write exactly what we went through and are still going through dealing with house 2 home.But It is pretty much everything that ive read through here put together. It is absolutly the worst service we ever had in my life. I am not sure how this place stays in business.What was supposed to be exiting and a great family experience turned into and still is a nightmare. We still do not have our furniture or money. My spouse has cryed more than once over our experence with house2home and its not over yet. If you enjoy frustration, poor service, loss of money and people that dont care about you at all and refuse to contact you back than this may be the store for you. They dont even treat you very poorly but they blame you for as much as they can. With house2home the customer is never right after they get your money. Dont let them con you into buying anything from them, to avoid this do not even go into their stores. Once you do they will tell you whatever you want to hear untill they get your money

80976683, 2013-11-11, 02:24AM CST

terrible store! Do not shop here. They have no customer service, running a fraud business and giving innocent consumers low low quality furniture. Sales people don't know how to talk properly. Owners sonny and dean are running a complete garbage furniture store with all cheap china furniture. The owners don't know what their doing. Beware and stay away from this store and factory direct.

6923da58, 2013-11-11, 07:02AM CST

Dealing with House2home has been the worst experience ive ever had, they are the best place untill they have your money and then you are not dirt you are the scum under dirt. Dont even go in there because they will tell you whatever you want to hear untill they have your money. They should not be in business, and i am not sure how they stay there. I guesss its from people like me that read these complaints after purchasing and not before. The only good thing about this company is "NOTHING"

6923da58, 2013-11-11, 07:03AM CST

Dealing with House2home has been the worst experience ive ever had, they are the best place untill they have your money and then you are not dirt you are the scum under dirt. Dont even go in there because they will tell you whatever you want to hear untill they have your money. They should not be in business, and i am not sure how they stay there. I guesss its from people like me that read these complaints after purchasing and not before. The only good thing about this company is "NOTHING"

80976683, 2014-02-27, 01:11AM CST

HORRIBLE STORE.Let me say this first i will post anything i fucking want as a review. I had a bad experience shopping and dealing with these fools who own and work at this shit hole. Fuck HOUSE 2 HOME and there cheap furniture and sleazy staff. WORST STORE IN EDMONTON TO SHOP AT. Dean who owns this shit and garbage store is lying fucker. Lies about where the furniture is made and it is all low and cheap quality. Staff is fucked up no customer service whats so ever.NO ONE ANSWERS PHONE CALLS OR KEEPS YOU UPDATED ON PURCHASES. THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY AND THEN FUCK YOU OVER. No wonder people leave the company and walk off. Who wants to put up with a psycho aggressive idiot owner haha. Yea i JUST SAID IT so FUCK YOU TO. Cheap quality furniture theres no professionalism or any sense of responsibility that the store takes for taking care of customers. Garbage store with shit stuff. Oh yea.. and yEA AND THE OWNER Dean Powar YOU OWN piece of shit store.. your A sleazy disgusting pig, liar and the most dumbest person to exist. Money don't buy u a brain or respect Neither does it get you humility OR TEACH YOU HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS WITH PROFESSIONAL. You horrible human being And a fuck you. Dealing with house 2 home has been the worst thing in my life.... people are so pushy, LYING, CONCEITED, RUDE, DUMB AS FUCK, AGGRESSIVE, LYING AGAIN AND THEY SCAM YOU INTO BUY LOW LOW LOW QUALITY SHIT FURNITURE. GO ELSE WHERE PEOPLE SAVE YOUR MONEY.




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