Dell Inc. - Extremle bad customer service and operation management

Posted on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 at 9:49pm CDT by 44d87a6a

Product: Vostro laptop 1520

Company: Dell Inc.

Location: US


Category: Other

I planned to use a laptop for my trip on July 9, so I go to to buy a laptop as usual on June 24. I checked out and made an immediate payment by my credit card. Confirmation email was sent right after that. But I keep calling Dell customer service (CS) to have them make sure everything on time. They promised to expedite my order and call me back to confirm on these issues, but a call back never happened. I was still patient and kept checking the website for order status. Suddenly, i received an email said that my order was delayed, completely nonsense. I called them right away but receive a horrible experience. I call directly to the small business department, but they keep holding me with stupid music and pick up my call, verify info, ask for situation, then transfer to other people. They did that for about 4 representatives, repeating the same things, then finally hung up. I kept calling back, some of them behave really rude to customer. After I give them the service number for faster service, they transferred me right away without saying anything. The voice tone is completely not happy with me. That is unacceptable. That's for the service.

Here for the order process. I ordered it on June 24, with expectation to have it in hands on the beginning of July. But the estimated date for delivery is on July 17th. Can you imagine that? I don't know what they do in such that long time, 24 days for an order. I always bought things online and it took about a week to be delivered. I can promise and recommend to everyone that never ever do business with DELL until they get improved on customer service and order process procedure.


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