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Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 at 5:23am CDT by 5b6f6e4a

Product: Check Clearing

Company: PNC Bank

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US

Category: Other

Today I began to close my PNC accounts, and to end my business relationship with them.

Over three weeks ago I went into my local branch to deposit two checks. These checks were in Canadian dollars, and written on a Canadian bank.

Firstly, I was asked for my driver's license for identification - to make a DEPOSIT! (I have been an account holder with this branch of PNC since they acquired it from another bank years ago!) I was then left at the counter for at least 10 minutes while the teller dissappeared. (Again - this is for s DEPOSIT!) I did not ask for any cash, just to deposit the checks to my account. For my record of this transaction, I was given a hand-written scrap of paper that did not even have a date written on it.

Over three full weeks later, I have no funds from these checks. (I am originally from Canada, and often cash checks on Canadian banks. It usually takes 5-7 days.) The branch manager made a call and informed me that they are "waiting to see if there are enough funds to cover the checks". (Note that I have called the payors of the check, and the funds were withdrawn from their accounts almost TWO WEEKS AGO!) The branch manager now informs me that it may take up to SIX WEEKS to get my funds! These were not checks for some weird Eastern Bloc country, but for CANADA. I could have walked from Maryland to Canada, cashed the checks, and walked back to Maryland in the time that has elapsed. (Note that the PNC Bank website boasts about their international banking expertise and services.)

In addition to the ridiculous hold time on these checks, and what I consider to be an outright lie about the status of the processing, the local branch manager evidenced a complete lack of interest in my issue. While it would probably not be possible for a branch manager to expedite the corporate processing of these checks, I do believe there are actions a local manager could take to alleviate the issue. While courteous at all times, this manager indicated he was not willing to take any additional action, even though my business was at stake.

I did not choose to be a PNC Bank customer, but accounts I held at two other banks, as well as my house mortgage, are now with PNC due to PNC acquisitions. While I immediately closed one account, I was told I must keep my other account open until these checks (eventually?) clear. Then I am done with PNC Bank. Good Riddance.

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fb1834c0, 2010-04-11, 08:06PM CDT

As a Canadian living in the US, I have noticed that bank here try to hold on to your money as long as they can.An electronic transfer takes 4-5 days in the US to complete while in Canada it is wonder they almost went belly up for their cheating ways.

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