James A Palmer - James A. Palmer Law - Unprofessional, Overpriced, and Unethical

Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 at 7:23pm CDT by b618489d

Product: Lawyer

Company: James A Palmer

Location: 96 East Broadway Suite 5
Eugene, OR, 97401, US

Category: Other

James Palmer handles cases unethically, without regard to parties involved. He'll do anything to draw out proceedings and enlarge his bill. He encourages clients not to settle even when it's in everyone's best interest. He files paperwork over and over again with only insignificant modification resulting in unnecessary delays and fees. He has no regard for the actual well-being of the people involved in his cases.


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439a0d21, 2011-10-05, 04:59PM CDT

I find this very difficult to respond to, because I very definitely disagree. Whoever posted this, know that I am willing to discuss whatever you perceived as a basis for your complaint. I am at a loss to respond otherwise, as it is not my intent to do any such thing. Again, whoever you are, if you wish to discuss this, I am more than willing to do so.

36a540fd, 2013-03-03, 08:40PM CST

Very unethical and has caused a lot of unnecessary expenses for both me and my ex. Won't sit down to negotiate settlements and insists on going to trial even when it is of the best interest for his client to do so. Resorts to harassment when simply requesting information will do. I think he wants to be a criminal lawyer but is not very good at it. He is a very hot headed person. I have evidence of his poor conduct if anyone is interested.

2a9234fd, 2015-04-16, 12:25PM CDT

Wow, whomever is posting that is so very wrong and I would say not a client. Please check the Oregon State Bar if you have any questions about his record.

b117f29a, 2015-08-28, 04:46PM CDT

This attorney is horrendous. Only $ in his extreme tunnel vision.....He draws out proceedings in order to up his bill and never advises clients on most effective, cost saving practices. STAY AWAY.

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