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Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 at 12:01pm CDT by ab764b31

Product: Epingo - Printing Company

Company: EPingo

Location: 46269 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA, 94539, US

URL: http://epingo.com/

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After printing a large format print for me the wrong size, epingo.com refused to refund my money to me, as well as failed to admit their mistake. Steve, the customer service representative, was rude and did not seem to even want to listen to what I had to say. After somewhat trying to help, they only offered me 10% off my next print.

Do not waste your time with this horrid company. When I e-mailed them about the issue, they were rude and insulting to me as a professional designer. I will NEVER use this company again for anything. Be warned!


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58869a84, 2009-07-08, 05:01PM CDT

Jessica: I am sorry you fell that way and do not want to assign blame. I would rather solve the problem and move on. Please accept my apologies for the confusion. we should have contacted you on both orders and asked for your input. We also made the wrong assumption. Thanks Again Steve

Customer Service


9 am-6 pm PDT

(800) 367-5642

> After re-reading your e-mail, I've realized that you obviously will

> not even take part of the blame for printing my document the wrong

> size, even though I clearly sent the dimensions I wanted it to be

> when I sent the order.


> Don't worry about the code, or the free print. I don't feel that

> your company is qualified enough to print anything for me.


> If you can't scale and print a photo that is originally 14.25 x

> 12.5 (You have the dimensions wrong in your email) to 14 x 12.25,

> then there is something wrong with YOUR COMPANY, not me.


> I will be sure to let all of my clients know how incredibly

> unhelpful your company is and how unwilling Epingo is to admit

> mistakes.



> On 7/7/09 11:16 AM, "Customer Support" <[email protected]> wrote:


>> Jessica: you made an assumption that we knew what you wanted, but

>> did not give us any direction as to how we are to crop or stretch

>> the image to make it 12x14.5. We relied on the design because of

>> the guide lines. and that shrinking one side by .5 inches was too

>> mush for a small print. Granted that's what we did the first time

>> and should not have but this does not solve the problem. Submit a

>> new file the exact size and we will print it for you free. Thanks

>> Steve

>> Customer Service

>> Monday-Friday

>> 9 am-6 pm PDT

>> (800) 367-5642

c013a390, 2010-02-03, 12:11PM CST

I LOVE E-PINGO! They did a canvas picture for me. I sent them 4 pictures and they helped me decide which one was best. They also printed a large picture for me. I have ALWAYS found them to be reasonable, prompt and professional. There obviously was a problem with the original request.

da7081d9, 2012-01-27, 07:01PM CST

Company is not customer oriented please check out some place else Steve Langham President, ePingo.com is not customer service representative, it is worse he is the president of the company he is rude and did not seem to even want to help me out and told me this conversation is over with out even trying to give me options the post office lost my poster prints and his only option was to give me a 15% to make a new order that's incredible After spending more than $58.00 dollars, Steve if I where the owner of your company and you where the client i would contacted USPS and tried to locate the package if i could find it, i would have giving you a 50% discount to split costs in half and you would be a 100% satisfied customer. Customers Beware Steve Langham is there only to make money and not to help you out when there's a problem. Remember you win and you loose you give options to help your customer and the customer recommends you but when you only want to win you get these reviews i think that people so rude should be behind warehouse and not in the front of a company. Hi Steve hope you read this!

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