Sprint - Sprint Service Issues, Moved to New Area, No Service, ETF Charged. Please read and be informed!

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2009 at 1:33pm CDT by 112811dd

Product: Sprint Cell Phone Service

Company: Sprint

Location: KSOPHT0101-Z4300 6391 Sprint Parkway Overland Park KS 66251-4300

URL: http://www.sprint.com/

Category: Telecommunications

I first started doing business with Nextel around 1998-1999, not entirely sure of my start date and neither is Sprint. For my of my time with Sprint/Nextel I have had a decent experience, a few dropped calls here and there, but nothing you wouldn't expect. My service was primarily used in and around Boston, MA.

Recently, I moved to a town in Southern, New Hampshire called Plaistow. Before the move as I was out of contract, I went to my local Sprint retailer, (Sprint owned, not third party) and asked if service was available in this area. They used their own website to check service (I could of done this) and stated that service was listed as "Good?? I asked if any complaints were filed in this area for service issues and they stated that I could put in a request online to find that information out and then proceeded to sell me a new phone with "a better antenna," the HTC Touch pro, just in case. I accepted and purchased the phone as I needed a new phone anyway. I also went to Sprint.com and emailed then seeing if any complaints were lodged in my area, they directed me to call and after 28 minutes on hold they said "we don't have any records of complaints in your area." Later I found out that by area, they mean your street and closely surrounding street. This doesn't do too much good if you??re the only one living in this small test area with Sprint! A little side note that I do have, is I live in a community of 82 townhomes, and through speaking with neighbors and going to association meetings, I have met only 2 other people with Sprint, both of which have issues but don't complain because they don't use the cell phone at home!

I moved in October and had a consistent 2 bars of service with better than decent data speeds and then suddenly, February came along. Like a switch at the same address I was consistently having service issues, no service, then switching to "roam" for 30-45 seconds, and then back to no service. No alterations were done to the house, any road work, utility work or underground digging was done. My service was even great during the ice storm of December of 08' and still was ok until February!

I was in constant contact with Sprint regarding this matter, then finally in late May I began to contact them daily looking for answers. They were constantly in denial of their service issues stating they have "good" service in my area. Finally after speaking with a Tier 2 Technical Supervisor (supposedly), they submitted a ticket to have a technician check the service in my area. This was in Friday night. Sunday morning I received a call from Sprint, I called the number back and after 48 minutes on hold, I was told a technician was in my area and found no issue.

Please note: I was home all Saturday, and I live on a dead even cul-de-sac community. Not one car can drive past my home without driving past my living room windows. Also, I found it very hard to believe that at technician was able to respond to the ticket in less than 24hrs.

They were unable to tell me when the technician was here and what his findings were, other than, take a guess....there is "good" service.

I have been contact with the office of Dan Hesse to have my Early Termination Fee waived. As of now, I have AT&T which has full service 5 bars, and I'm averaging almost 3.1mbps down and 1.1mbps up for data, over TRIPLE the data speed from Sprint. (887k down and 487k up). Still waiting from Sprint for the final balance and what is going on with the ETF. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB which was submitted on 6/3 and Sprint still has not responded to that complaint as well.

Also these are some important notes to consider.

* I have spent over 2hrs troubleshooting my HTC touch with technical support to no avail.

* I have visited a Sprint store as directed and they see my phone as fully functional

* Sprint has offered me an Air Rave which is essentially a mini-cell tower (looks like a router) that uses your high speed bandwidth to direct calls over the internet. It is supposed to increase service levels. Sprint would not provide this to me free but only for $99.99 and a monthly fee, which no one was able to tell me the exact amount. If you do not have broadband internet, no luck. I fall into this category of no luck as I do not have broadband internet.

* Sprint has said that they resolved the issue because they have offered me the Air Rave, but I have explained to them numerous times that Broadband internet is not an available option for my area.

* It does not matter how long you have been with the company, they do not look at this as loyalty but as a threat stating "You've been with us so long, why do you want to start over with a new provider?"

* Their customer service just like other reviews say out there is absolutely deplorable. I have never lodged a complaint of this magnitude before in my life, but I find that it is important to let you know that Sprint needs a serious make over. Please believe me when I say this that you will be placed on hold for extended amounts of time, you will be treated like they don't care if they lose you as a customer, if you asked for a supervisor to call you back, I promise you they will not.

Conclusion - Simply put I had service, as of February 09' I did not. Sprint was unable to resolve my issue and they even admitted they have seen dropped calls from their switch but "only two" that they can see. Their contact states that if you move to an area with no service will be let out of your contract, with no fee. For all users who real this be warned If you do not have service, but Sprint website says you do, you lose!

I will update this with new information as it comes in, if anyone experienced issues like this, please feel free to add.

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ac9c5f26, 2010-05-04, 11:19PM CDT

Never imagine that a company we would go to check this exaggerated amount. After the service with this company many friends warned us that check-Sprint suffers strange charges. And the surprise was very painful. Never ever going to call a number so minutes, knowing that it is an international number. We Dominicans and have a cell phone unlimited call Santo Domingo and other countries for only 62.49. Metro PCS

In addition he uses that phone is my wife and she works Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 pm and more, she only has 15 minutes every two hours, is absolutely no way my wife can talk 101 and 75 minutes to an international phone. I have the long distance service to Santo Domingo in the 4861 TV ending and I too am being charged minutes that mime number $ 1.58 per minute. I investigate this number 809 361 6078 has no connection with us or has been named U.S. owner informed me that phone I also added that phone you're using no more than a week after because the phone was kept in a drawer . Sprint billed us $ 529.91 this over our bill. These tax amounts other charges of some messages for $ 9.99 and we are also deputy. Since we hired the services we ask them ask international call blocking and any product you can buy and still receive those charges abusive. We are being victims of abuse and not paying the electricity, water and food exceeds this value, we paid $ 724.84 for the loan of the house we live in and imagine you that Sprint will bill us for the month of December 2010 a Total Due $ 1020.44 Previous Balance $ 248.32 New Charges. $ 772.12 turnover was much higher than what we pay at home.

We are a poor family who ask for mercy, thank you very much for your help

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