TataAig Unity Insight Corporation - Insurance Policy Not Issued, False Commitment

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2009 at 6:14am CDT by abde47c3

Product: Accidental Policy

Company: TataAig Unity Insight Corporation

Location: Unity Insight Corporation No.527, 1st Crs,Sampige Rd, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560003
Bangalore, Ka, 560016, IN

Category: Other


I bought a TataAig ULIP Invest Assure Optima on 18th May 2009.

I got a call from Unity Insight Corporation to attend a presentation at Bangalore Malleshwaram office. Unity Insight Corporation works for TataAig group. Agents from UIC explains the policy plain & sell the policies on behalf of TataAig.

I attended the presentation. I was asked that a free accidental policy of 50K for 15 years term will be offered to me with out any charges / premium along with above product (Invest Assure Optima).

Agent code: 004078267

Agent Group: 004078233

Agency Office: BG01

Agent Leader: UNITY INSIGHT Corporation

Leader Code: 004078233


I purchased this policy (Invest Assure Optima) for my wife Mrs. Jayshree Modi.

This policy (Invest Assure Optima) is issued & policy document also arrived to my address with in a month time.

But an offered (additional) accidental policy is not yet issued. I am calling every day to a personnel of UNITY INSIGHT CORPORATION.

I am calling this mobile number 9739461482. This number belongs to Mr. Kabir. I don't know his designation.

Mr. Kabir has explained me the policy plan & also offered an free additional accidental policy of 50K for 15 years term with out any premium.

After calling couple of times, Mr. Kabir assured me that i will be provided with policy id (POID) with in 24 hrs but no response seen after that call.

I am calling him every day but no response seen from his side.

Now he stop receiving my calls & not picking up the phone. I don't know where to contact & whom to raise this concern.

I called TataAig customer care to raise my concern. They said TataAig is not running any such scheme.

This is clear case of fraud just to attract customers with false commitments.

I dont know how & where to lodge complaint against this fraud.

Please guide me how to lodge complain against Unity Insight Corporation.

Thanks & regards,

Pawan Modi



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