Haier - Haier terrible customer service

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2009 at 12:17pm CDT by 5436c5f1

Product: Refrigerator

Company: Haier

Location: 1356 Broadway 212.594.3330
New York, Ne, 10018-7300, US

URL: http://www.haieramerica.com/

Category: Other

Bought a Haier fridge from BrandsMart. Fridge broke after 7 months....still under warranty. A&E Factory (contracted out service) diagnosed it and sent Haier a report determining it is un-repairable. It has been 2-weeks now and I STILL have not had one call from Haier. I called them repeatedly and they keep telling me that it is in there consumer division in headquarters for review and they will not forward me to them or give me any more information dispite my plee that I have not had a refrigerator for weeks now. I am at a dead-end and now they are lying to me whenever I call now. DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM HAIER!!! They have not honored there warranty and they seem to not care about timeframes and customer complaints or concerns.


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