Goodwill outlet store - Goodwill unsafe

Posted on Sunday, July 5th, 2009 at 2:47pm CDT by 87919c1d

Company: Goodwill outlet store

Location: 780 Berry Hill rd.


Category: Stores, Shopping

There was a violent group of African men who buy literally tons of shoes in the store every day. On this day, my first visit, the men came in the store right before the loads of shoes came out. They began snatching shoes from shoppers. They even hit one old lady in the head with a pair. Two mothers asked the manager if he could have the men removed from the store because it was not safe for their children. He refused and told the ladies he advised them mot to bring kids to the goodwill. Minutes later, I had a pair of shoes in my hand and one of the men tried to take them from me. I refused and he began to shove me and demanded that I unhand the shoes. I notified the manager, he told me that he needed to investigate. I told him that he needed to call the police and let them investigate because he had conflicting interest considering how much money the men spent in the that store every day. Plus the witnesses told him it happened. He asked the guy if he did it. Of course he replied no. I told the manager that I wasn't the the only one who didn't feel safe in the store and that I would call the police myself. He told me that since I didn't feel safe, I needed to leave. I left peacefully and called the police. The man African was arrested for assault. My assault could have been prevented if the manager would have responded appropriately to the complaints, outburst and assaults prior to mine that day.

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c3bc08af, 2014-02-04, 04:10PM CST

Also and if you ask the guy at the dock door to bring you something, you had better slip him $$$ or you will get a beat down

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