MWV Direct (New World Video - Bate and switch

Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2009 at 2:03pm CDT by 2123dbf6

Product: JVC Battery BN-VF823

Company: MWV Direct (New World Video

Location: 1893 W. 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11223, US


Category: Other

The people at MWV Direct us a bate and switch tactic to get your business which is not only illegal but unethical. I ordered a genuine JVC battery off there site and received a email to call them. They say they tried to call me but there was not any recorded on my phone or phone bill where they tried. In the email they do not tell you what it is about so there is not any written recorded of there bate and switch tactics. When I called they told me the JVC battery I ordered was out of stock and they will send me a higher capacity one at the same price. When you receive the battery not only is it not any higher capacity but all so not a genuine JVC but a cheaper off brand. If I want off brand I could have gotten the same thing off eBay cheaper.


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