Samsung Electronics - Samsung Customer Service - How to scam consumers in 3 ways?

Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2009 at 6:17pm CDT by a0c47c31

Product: DVD-F1080/XAA

Company: Samsung Electronics

Location: US


Category: Other

I've purchased a top of the line Samsung DVD Player at September 2008 from an authorized retailer. Despite rare usage, approximately 3-4 times a month, product started to fail perform in June 2009. Problem is likely due to a failed component that sends random signals to device controller that pause/play/eject without a particular order after 30 minutes playtime. Until I called Samsung customer service, I've had a level of confidence in such a global brand to have quality products. Unfortunately not even close. Samsung refused to fulfill its warranty to replace product in three interesting ways. First I've been informed that product is not considered failing unless I replicate the error with technical support representative and follow his instructions. Despite this take quite a while, around an hour, I've finally replicated the issue and confirmed problem. Secondly account representative claimed product is out of warranty, which was apparently not. I've provided copy of the invoice via fax following day and have not received any response for more than a week. Last but not least, third time, I've reached customer service to get an update and they have provided that product is under only parts warranty so therefore I need to pay $43 for repairs for the product. Considering that this product failure is primarily due to material/part defect and it is Samsung's responsibility to ensure parts quality to last, I've refused the offer and requested supervisor. Despite I've clearly stated my case and expectations from Samsung as a brand "I used to trust", supervisor has practically treated me as a partially insane human being with no direct communication of resolution nor assurance of my problem. Quite unfortunate for anyone who might need to go through this. Net, I've spent around 9 days of wait time, 120 minutes on the phone and cost of top of the line DVD player. Highly recommend to reconsider your decision to buy a Samsung product, knowing how you can be treated and what you can get in return.


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