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Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2009 at 4:44pm CDT by e5807e0f

Product: AI400SB

Company: Air N Water

Location: 17335 Mount Wynne Circle
Fountain Valley, CA, 92708, US


Category: Other

I purchased an AI400SB for our office. Shortly after we received it, the unit stopped working. Air-n-Water was fairly quick to replace it. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, it stopped working. It was still under warranty, so I called the company to get it fixed/replaced. They informed me that they no longer have this model and won't be getting it any time soon. I can't even get it fixed with the extended warranty I purchased because it doesn't take effect until late next month. They wanted to replace it with an item with fewer options for the same price. Our water cooler could make ice, hot water, and cold water. The unit they wanted to replace it with a unit that could only make ice and cold water. I was not happy with that option and talked with the general manager, Ronnie and asked if they could also send us another unit that also made hot water. They offer one that was only $69. He said they could not do that and I asked for the next person in line as I know they could. Although very nice, he apologized and refused to take care of the problem. My only option is a refund. I am furious I paid for an additional warranty that is useless. I don't want a refund, I want a replacement unit with the same capabilities. I'm also angry that I now have to box this unit up and send it back. I would not recommend this company to anyone as their follow up service is extremely lacking.


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