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Posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2009 at 4:25pm CDT by fb73d996

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OK, I'm really getting frustrated with WAMU/Chase now. I'll recap the past 2 weeks:

The short-sale package was sent over TWICE, once and them immediately again, so WAMU couldn't say they didn't receive it (I have fax confirmation showing both went through). Included in this package was the authorization for myself and Frank to discuss the loan with WAMU/Chase.

I waited approximately a week (the recommended waiting time to call to allow for the documents to be scanned and in the system before calling). I called earlier this week (Monday) and was told they didn't have an authorization on file even though I've spoken with them every week for the past 6 months but I went ahead and RE-FAX the authorization (twice again), and waited to confirm it was received and in the system so they'd discuss things with me. When I called on Monday, because they couldn't find the authorization, they wouldn't directly tell me whether or not they had the complete short-sale package however, my question to the guy was "Do I need to send the entire short-sale package again or is it JUST the authorization that is missing". Because they would not directly answer my question of whether the entire package was showing received, I had to ask the question in this manner. I was told "JUST the authorization". OK, so I take that as YES, they have the rest of the package and the JUST need the authorization.

Today I'm told they don't have the short-sale package, JUST the authorization. When I confirmed the fax numbers, indeed I have the correct fax numbers AND I have confirmation showing the package went through TWICE yet they don't have the package. I'm told to fax it AGAIN, to the same number and give them a week to get it in the system. I asked to talk to a supervisor and told "that's not possible". I'm at a loss, folks. It's the same story, over and over again.

I will fax the package again and I will call again next week but if anybody has any other ideas, I'm open.


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