McQueen Builders - McQueen Builders is unprofessional

Posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2009 at 8:08pm CDT by 22800389

Product: Gate

Company: McQueen Builders

Location: 8861 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley, Ca, 92708, US

Category: Other

Charles McQueen came out and built a gate. He brought the cheapest and ugliest pieces of redwood he could pick out at Home Depot. He proceeded to put a gate together that was unevenly spaced. He mixed rough side with smooth side and left jagged splinter on the wood. He put one coat on it and thought he did the cooles job ever. I kept telling him his work was unprofessional. He kept giving me excuses. He tried to fix it and made it worse. You can see the nail marks and it is more uneven and the wood grain is still mismatched. I have reported him to the state contractor board in California. He is very unprofessional and will not stand behind his work


34c30adf, 2009-09-21, 05:13PM CDT

I'm Charles Mc Queen, I have over 27 years at building Gates, you can see my rating at, I have went out and repainted this gate at no cost to homeowner, We signed a contract, with what type of material was going to be installed, then I installed it, She stated to me, how nice the fence looked. She also inquired about other work that she needed done in the future, I gave her the prices, for the other work that was to be done,( if she liked my price, I would proceed ). She didn't like the fence, the same one that she had no problem with. In these times, I understand the need to be kind and considerate to all, and to serve our custemers, over and beyond, I Charles

Mc Queen, have done this,, thank you for giving me the chance to explain myself. My Family and Co, wish this person, agood life.

shumaila p., 2015-06-25, 02:30PM CDT

I spoke to Charles yesterday about doing a quick one-hour job (interior of an apartment). He quoted me for $90 for the job and when I told him that I was going to move forward with another contractor that offered to do the job for $55, he was quick to drop his price to $55 with materials. He seemed nice and said he's had over 2000 clients only which of 2 had bad things to say. I agreed. He verbally confirmed over the phone and then sent me a text to reconfirm. This morning, knowing he was scheduled to come at 11am; I texted him at 8:21 with parking and address information. No response. I texted again at 9:44am - no response. I called and left a voicemail at around 10:30am. No response. Instead, at 10:40am (20 minutes before appointment time) I get a text saying I should find another contractor because he's "leery" of being escorted up from the leasing office. It's an Irvine Company apartment which means it's highly secure and any guests need to be walked in by a resident with a key - I'm not sure what his concern was. I'm sure he found another job that was better worth his time and instead of being up front and asking to reschedule my appointment - he pulled this.

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