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Posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2009 at 5:18pm CDT by 066c7575

Product: Fall in Break Down Service

Company: Budget Car Rental

Location: Avis Budget Car Rental, LLC 6 Sylvan Way Parsippany, NJ 07054
Munich, Mu, DE

URL: http://www.budget.de/

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In the last year [december 2008], on the Christmas Vacancy we rented small car Opel Corsa [for one week] from Budget company to get our designation in Italy, Canazei [SKI place] from Munich Airport. We came there from Israel.

It was our first time for me and my daughter trip in Italy.

On the next day of our driving, before about 50 km from our designation Hotel the car was broken. It was so strange faultiness. It had begun problem in conditioner and was seem system failure on car computer. In the next stage was very cold in car and started flash Service requirement indicator. Definitely was possible continue to Hotel, but it was very cold in car and we was afraid do not give any damage to car.

We stopped car and called Budget Break Down Service. After two hours our waiting came truck with Service mechanical. He start up engine of car and was surprised, why we called him. He confirmed that everything is ok.

He does not speak english [German or Italian] and it took me so many time explain him problem. And Im not sure what he had understood. Service Mechanical did not repair car and did not give us another car, but asked drop all our staff from car with my daughter out to take this car to Service Center.

Obvious it was absolutely impossible. After so many time on cold my little daughter got sickness and I can not allow drop her out from car on cold [it was winter] in unknown place, in the middle of nowhere.

I contacted to Break Down Service with all explanations and asked take us together with car to Service Center, but Service Mechanical did not agree and left us. After more than 6 hours there on cold did not any choice to leave failure vehicle and get taxi to Hotel designation.

Two days with sickness daughter we were waited in Hotel replacement vehicle, but it not happened. No one come to us to give keys of failure car. After this time, being in despair, we took taxi and came to leave place to return vehicle. I was so naive had hoped have repaired or replacement car. Unbelievable, it not happened.

There all time, every day, I was contacted with Break Down Service and wasted to unsuccessfully conversations a lot of many.

In hopeless situation I had locked another way to return us to Munich Airport. There was nightmares for us.

I got apologizes from Customer Service [Fred Winokan], but after my requiring return me all my wasted money, after half year the Budget Company have begun charge money from my visa card. By the way, the car was rented with super CDW. In another word, it says you will be never surely what event, case or matter you cover in paying insurance of car.

Apparently Budget Company in order to cover falls in service decided throw to customer bearing of charges. This is how they make money!

There no was any accident. The faultiness of car was completely out of my control [of car rental].

Needless to say, I have not rented from Budget since last December and of course I have shared this story with all my friends, customers and my company who had made a note of the event and have been encouraging travelers to have used other Car Rental Companies until we can get this resolved.

Now, I have used Hertz Car Rental Company every month and do not complain.

Definitely, this event turned out to cost Budget, as my friends, customers, my company will not be renting from Budget [doesnt matter which department].


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