Charter Communications - Poor internet/customer service

Posted on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 at 11:18am CDT by 32940da8

Company: Charter Communications

Location: US


Category: Other

We have been with Charter now for almost two years. The first 6 months were in an apartment with at least one tech coming out per month to attempt to figure out why out internet service was working intermittently to no avail. We decided to give them a second chance after moving into our new home, with the same issues of intermittent and slow service. The reps are horrible, blaming it on our end saying that our router is the issue. I have speed tested our connection both with the modem connected directly to one of our computers and with the router connected, both ways achieving speeds of only 1Mbps download and 0.10Mbps upload. This is unacceptable on a service that I am paying to receive 10Mbps and webpages are taking over 30secs or more to load.

I would not recommend your internet service to anyone, and I'm not even going to list the countless hours I have spent on the phone or with technicians out at the house trying to get this mess straightened out. I am not sure how you stay in buisness with your poor phone support and even worse technical support that obviously knows nothing of troubleshooting. I can only hope another cable company comes in and cleans up the mess of poor infrastructure and customer support you have left us with here.


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