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Posted on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 at 6:21am CDT by 6e032e2c

Product: mapf 2162 738m 4336 4u

Company: Creative

Location: TR


Category: Other

Here is the mail that I had sent to Creative help desk:

Hello team,

As we had talked before, I got in contact with the Turkish Creative service provider for my out-of-order "Creative ZEN 4GB with FM" MP3 Player.

What the problem is that, I cannot turn on the device, its battery is completely dead and it cannot be recharged anymore. I tried everything you said but still dead!

I talked with "Multimedya Bilgisayar" (The local service of Creative products). I sent them my devices part numbers and they checked and told me that it is still in warranty time and they can fix it. So I sent my device to them. I got no response from them for 2 weeks. Then I called the service via phone and they told me that they can only fix the devices that have software problems only, not the ones that need an interior part change. Then why did they wanted me to send my device to them? And why did I waited for two weeks without any response? Nevermind, later on I got my device back from service team. Of course without any fixes or improvements. They also told me that nothing can be done to it in Turkey.

Now dear team, I am asking you: What should you do if you were in my shoes? My mp3 player is just one and a half years old, I had paid lots of money to it, and now I cannot use it anymore! :(

As you may have guessed, I won't be buying any Creative products anymore and none of my friends also! The products of Creative are really good qualified products, but unfortunatelly the service is just the opposite!

I am not waiting any response back from you, team. And I know you won't be solving my problem. I wrote this mail to you just to let you know that there is an unhappy customer here. :(

Thanks for reading.

Best regards...


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