Xcentric Ventures, L.L.C. DBA: Ripoff Report - Ripoffreport.com is a ripoff - they allow users to post false info and do not stand behind their own terms of use

Posted on Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 at 2:50pm CDT by 7db8abb1

Company: Xcentric Ventures, L.L.C. DBA: Ripoff Report

Location: P.O. Box 310 Tempe, AZ 85280
Tempe, AZ, 85280, US

URL: http://ripoffreport.com/

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Ripoffreport.com is a complete waste of consumers time. They claim to be a neutral third party that allows consumers to file complaints against companies. It is a good idea gone badly, and consumers have the right to know they are not a credible source.

When an ex-employee used ripoffreport.com to post utterly false and malicious information about our company, ripoffreport.com refused to stand behind their terms of use policy and would not remove the post. This same employee posted the same post on other reputable complaint sites like this one, and they all immediately deleted the posts after being notified of the false content.

They hide behind the Communications Decency Act and use it as an excuse not to have to uphold any sort of standards. They allow anyone to post anything. We are a strong believer of the freedom of speech, but when a person creates libel against another person or company, I strongly believe that it is the sites responsibility to remove the post. It is one thing to create an avenue for consumers to post justified claims and a totally different thing to allow users to post malicious and false information that slander another entity.

Dont use ripoffreport.com.


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