Clear Wire - Clear Wire's unfair business strategy

Posted on Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 at 8:03pm CDT by e365398f

Product: Clear Wire 1.5 MBps Broadband

Company: Clear Wire

Location: Jacksonville, Fl, US

Category: Other

Clearwire is an unjust, immoral company that has done everything in their power to continue billing me for services they could not render.

In June 2007, I started a subscription to Clearwire service and signed a two year agreement. One of the major factors in signing was that I was moving and six months and had no idea if service was available in the new area. I was told that was fine and that if this was the case, they would help me find another potential customer to take over the contract.

I lived in Jacksonville FL at the time and service was ok but I was unable to use my company VPN connection and most of my online games didnt work at all. In its stead, I subscribed to Comcast for home service and started using my Clearwire strictly for internet access in my vehicle as I traveled around Jacksonville for business.

Once we figured out we were moving to St. Augustine FL in December 2007, I went to the new location and tested service. No signal. I spent multiple hours on the phone with tech support just to be told I was 2 miles out of range. I went back to my local office and spoke with the rep about help. I was promptly told that Clearwire does not assist in finding a customer to transfer to they only file the paperwork. Outraged, I called the main Clearwire number to ask for help there. Again I was told flat out that I had to find someone and Clearwire would continue to bill me until such time.

Since then, I have called several times trying to complain that Clearwire Representatives have called me, sent me mail and set up flyers and signs in my neighborhood advertising their service and products all while I continue to get none. I told them multiple times that it is not right to advertise service in an area that cant receive it and a slap in my face since I am paying for it anyways.

After rereading the contract I signed, there is a specific clause that states the reseller can terminate the contract if the customer is unable to be provided service. I called again and did not stop complaining until I got to as high up a manager as I could and still I was told to pay it and like it.

After all the time and effort I spent trying to convey my frustration and disappointment in this company, I decided to write the entire problem off and just pay out the contract. I never used the service the last 18 months of the contract and still I paid on time every month.

When May 2009 came, I called Clearwire. The Representative I reached was able to cancel my account as of the last payment and said a box would be sent for me to return the equipment. I waited patiently for it to arrive and it never did. After 4 weeks I I noticed that Clearwire charged me the monthly charge again. I called and complained and told them I did not get a box to return the equipment. I was told to be patient and that the charge would be refunded after the equipment arrived. I still never received a box.

Now, on July 28th 2009, I received 6 automated phone calls from Clearwire. The first automated call hung up on me when I answered but, I was able to get the first few seconds identifying the call as Clearwire Account Services. I called back immediately and when a Representative answered I asked why I was called. She stated that I had a past due balance of $40.23 and they had been trying to bill it to my card unsuccessfully for the last 5 days. I got really upset at that point and demanded an explanation why there company was so incompetent and why did I need to suffer because of it. She explained that they would continue to try to charge the account until the equipment arrived. Heatedly, I explained that I STILL had not received the box and that it was their fault the equipment was not returned. The Representative told me they do not send boxes. I was dumbfounded. I told her to check the notes on my account about waiting for the box and she instead told me they do not send boxes, they email UPS shipping labels. I waited while she processed the request for a label and she instructed me that I would receive it in my registered email. I used my company email that I am in charge of so I know I would get it.

Following that call, I received two more automated calls that hung up on me after I answered. The fourth call came around 4 PM and when I answered it allowed me to proceed through the menu and get in touch with another Representative. I informed her of the calls and that I had already handled this issue but was still getting called. I also told her that I had not received the confirmation email I was told I would get so I had her give me the UPS tracking number and that I would take it to a UPS store to ensure it was sent tomorrow. I also asked about my refund and was again told my refund would be determined once the equipment arrived. I left it at that and resolved to just return the equipment tomorrow.

I got another automated call an hour later that hung up on me. Then another just after I arrived home except this one did not come from the same number instead it came from an actual land number not the 888 number. I answered not knowing who it was and was greeted by yet another Billing Representative from Clearwire trying to charge my card. At this point, I was really upset and informed the Representative of how many minutes they had racked up on my cell phone today and that I was tired of dealing with them and to stop calling me I had already made arrangements. I was told by the Representative Alex that I would have to deal with the calls until the equipment arrived. That was the last straw for me. I asked for a higher Manager and reached Sam who informed me he could make the calls stop. At this point, I told Sam that I was no longer going to sit back and take this abuse and that I would write this letter to the BBB and pursue a full refund of $1007 Clearwire has billed me for over the past 25 months.

I have had nothing but horrible customer service, no actual service and dozens of rude, unhelpful Representatives over the last two years and I feel taken advantage of. As a consumer I was strung along by this company and when I finally could legally separate from them, they seem to do everything in their power to keep my money coming in. If it were not for that card expiring just after the last charge, they would keep charging me. I plan to explore my options to recoup my losses in small claims court and will settle for nothing less than a 18 months refund,.


Brooks C. Davis


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