hatherleigh - refund problem

Posted on Monday, July 27th, 2009 at 8:58am CDT by 49a51265

Product: Continue Education online program

Company: hatherleigh

Location: Hatherleigh 62545 State Highway 10 Hobart, NY 13788. Fax QRFs to 800-621-8892

URL: http://www.hatherleigh.com/

Category: Other

I ordered online continue education program 04/12/2009, but I canceled this 04/18/2009 because it was too late to apply. I called to customer service about refund. However,it was charged next month. I called to customer service 05/25/2009 again, then a staff confirmed to send a refund check right away. But nothing happened in one month. I called again 06/22/2009. He excused...I waited again, but nothing...I called 07/15/2009 again. He said he did send a check the day before. Nothing...so I called again 07/27/2009..so a staff said that the company can refund to my credit account within 24 hours. I requested they should send me a confirmation letter or email right away. Now, I am waiting the email from that company. I don't know they do or not. I cannot trust this company.


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