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Posted on Monday, July 27th, 2009 at 9:19am CDT by 12803d18

Company: Tradera

Location: Stockholm, SE

Category: Other

Tradera an Ebay company in sweden automatically charges you for advertisement placement for ads you have not placed.

Contacting the call center does not help in solving the issue. You have to get your account disabled so Tradera stops charging you. If you complain Tradera threatens to send your information to Inkasso to take legal action against you.

This is a systematic rip-off, charging customers extra money for no service. Using the website is highly discouraged. If you have similar experience post it on the web.

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74190537, 2013-03-04, 06:30AM CST

You are damn right!

I paid 3 times (170 SEK) for nothing. You don't have items placed? Don't matter. The Tradera will send you invoices anyway. They will keep charging you can you can not close your account until have all the invoices have been paid. I can not find any other reason to pay the bills but to close my account as soon as possible.

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