Burger King - Burger King Rude Employee

Posted on Sunday, July 26th, 2009 at 7:57pm CDT by eedd8a78

Product: fast food

Company: Burger King

Location: Holland Rd
Suffolk, VA, 23434, US

Category: Other

When we pulled into the drive thru Keesha was very pushy for me to finish the order. After everything i said it was "is that all? is that all?" Then I got to the window and asked if my kids could have apple fries instead of regular fries, and she said, and I quote, "We aint got those no more" I am pretty sure she was just too lazy to ask for them, or switch them, seeing as they were advertised, and .. really if Burger King is going to advertise healthy options they should have them available.. no? She then asked me to pull up and they'd bring out the order. It was 8:00 pm and there were zero cars there and zero cars behind me. So I pull up and sit and wait for 10-15 mins on a very simple order.. a whopper, two burger kids meals.. all with fries. It was ridiculous. No thank you, no have a nice day or sorry for the inconvenience. Nothing. My advice.. if you don't like your job find another!!! We won't go back.. I'll just drive to the other one!


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