Jungle Red Salon - Jungle Red Salon: Salon by Name, but It Just Doesn't Cut It (Literally)

Posted on Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 at 9:45am CDT by 7bdbe5ca

Product: Beauty Salon

Company: Jungle Red Salon

Location: 9250 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 100
Frisco, TX, 75034, US

Category: Other

Since I just moved to the DFW area, I was looking forward to finding a new salon & stylist locally.I was excited to receive a gift package of four visits from my significant other, however I was very misled about the quality of customer service and provision of treatments from Jungle Red Salon. [There is no website, so this should have been my first hint at the future experience.]

Upon arriving early for my appointment I was greeted and serviced by the owner himself, Frank Roijas. One might think that the reception and style would be stellar, however this was anything but the case.

After a 40 minute wait in the lobby area, without an offer of a beverage as included in the package, I proceeded to the styling chair. Although the hair wash was alright, I was sorely disappointed by the technical ability and artistic vision that lacked from this 'well seasoned' stylist, Frank Roijas. Frank was not able to express his vision or engage his cliental in the styling process. He was unclear of his direction and end result for the cut. There was very little dialogue about the process and Mr. Roijas failed to gain any insight or feedback from me throughout the process.

During the actual appointment, Mr. Roijas left me sitting for a few long periods of time to take a phone call, chat with a staff member (2x) and attend to other matters in the salon. Many of these concerns would have been minimal had the end product not look unfinished and rushed. It was clear that the end of the day appointment schedule was not suitable with Mr. Roijas personal schedule as he was more interested in leaving the establishment promptly for his own cocktail hour elsewhere.

I would not feel compelled to right this review solely on the lack of customer service, however I was very shocked at the poor style and cut. The hair cut was left unbalanced and uneven, and actually boarded on looking like an 80's hair band/mullet style. When inquiring about the style and indicating a lack of satisfaction in the 'final' cut, Mr. Roijas became very defensive and overly critical towards me. I was embarrassed by his lack of professionalism and maturity. He proceeded to make negative, insulting comments to attack my original hair style (Purpose of a salon visit = To GAIN a hair style.), and insinuating that I apologize to him for not appreciating the unfinished end product.

Overall, I was very taken aback and offended by the experience. I would not recommend the Jungle Red Salon at all. It is unfortunate that my partner was sold a 4 visit pass to Jungle Red Salon by the Advantage Trend Marketing group(1.800.480.9194). I feel bad for the waste of money and time spent on that gift, and would strongly recommend against others being lured into purchasing this "deal" package.

I am told that this salon has been open for at least 4 months in Frisco, TX, however Mr. Roijas claims to have other salons 'in and around the area' for many years. Frank Roijas was not receptive to any constructive feedback, and failed to comprehend the issue at hand - listening and respecting his clientele. Word of mouth & viral marketing is still the best form of promotion and advertising for any business. Customer service should not be so overlooked and under-valued, Mr. Roijas.


b0094d0a, 2010-09-08, 09:09PM CDT

A friend recommended this salon to me. We drove over 100 miles round trip from Ft Worth. We were EXTREMELY satisfied with the services Frank Rojas provided. I found him to be very professional and cordial. I was so pleased, I returned a few days later with my college-aged daughter so she could get her hair done. She too was thrilled. I recommend them without reservation, and I am very picky about my hair!!!

c91b02c0, 2015-02-24, 01:23AM CST

I have worked with Frank Riojas and he is extremely unprofessional

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