Sirius Satelite Radio - Sirius Satelite lost a lifetime customer over $33!

Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 at 7:43pm CDT by 435f053d

Company: Sirius Satelite Radio

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I received a letter from a collection agency, stating that I owed Sirius $33.09. I call Sirius to see how this could be and find that my account had not been closed out like I had requested when I called on February 4, 2009, well before the end of my two years term. They inform me that when I called in February, I inquired why Sirius had debited $1 from my bank account THREE days in a row (TRUE) and that at that time I had requested to be put on a "paper invoice" (FALSE!!). The power points in my car had not worked since August of 2008 and I was unable to use the unit...WHY IN THE WORLD would I ask to be put on a paper invoice? I asked to be cancelled, was told by the customer service person that they had completed the cancellation, and I hung up. "Vaughn" (ID#: 567T) says that the notes to not state that I tried to cancel, but rather I just wanted a paper invoice. I explained I didn't have a working radio...why would I ask to continue to get billed? He was obstinate and unwilling to do anything to help. I asked for his superior, and initially, he claimed he didn't have one. I then admitted that he was not the CEO of Sirius but said that he could not give me his superior's name or contact info. The best I finally got out of this "floor manager" was the general address for Sirius in NY, NY. Wow! Thanks

All I asked Vaughn to do was to note the account that a mistake was made in February and the account was not properly cancelled, as it should have been. I even told him that I would do the rest with the collection agency and file a dispute. No avail...

I could understand if this was over a $200 or $300 bill, but I do the right thing and cancel in a timely manner, the "Customer Service" operator does not do her job, and now I am stuck with the bill. I'm sure they must get penalties for cancellations so she did not want to truly cancel my account.

As a person who works in TRUE customer service and quality groups for a manufacturing plant of one of the Big 3 auto manufacturers, it is disheartening to see the condition customer service these days. I agree the customer is not always right, but whatever can be done without detrimentally affecting the company should be done to help that person. That builds lifelong customers...not alienation and obsternation.

Sadly, I will pay the $33.09 to keep my credit from taking a ding, but how sad. What state of affairs has customer service fallen to? I was a loyal and timely-bill-paying customer and they just screwed me over. I hope they enjoy the 33 just cost them a lifetime customer.

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32d9e721, 2009-11-18, 02:52PM CST

i would like to speak with the author of this complaint, if possible email me thank you!

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