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Posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 at 1:30pm CDT by 0f6e71b5

Product: Garnishment

Company: Velocity Investments, LLC

Location: US

Category: Other

The date is wrong because it's still going on..I had a judgement against me for $8000..the garnishment didn't go into affect until Oct..they purposely waited until late in the year so they could collect additional monies not owed claiming interest..(imhtgo if the bill is being paid they should NOT be allowed to collect interest) so they got their order ok'd by a judge and my check was garnished for close to two yrs they took money from me I did without food, money to pay my other bills then came the good news the order was nearly satisfied only one more I called them to be sure they had the same amounts I did..they did, but then they claimed they were still owed close to $2000 more..the garnishment stopped cause it reached the amount ordered..they claimed they tried to contact me with no response which was a lie I did talk to them so they got a second order and they came after my check again, once again $0 left after paying bills no food money once again..once again we are nearing the end of the order..according to my records I only owe two more payments..if they claim more money is owed I will get a Lawyer and fight it and if the courts agree with those snakes again I'll file bankruptcy...I may have to anyway I'm so far behind on my cc bills and other bills I may end up having my check garnished yet again..thank God those amounts are nowhere near the amount taken by those vultures!! Enjoy that money you snakes your time will come!! btw before anyone says anything stupid the bill wasn't my fault I was told that bill was paid I trusted the company handling my account, by the time I found out they were wrong my check had been garnished..I paid over $2000 in cash and offered to make payments $300 a month they turned my offer down saying it wasn't enough (they now take about $600 a month from me) even though it was all I could afford if I was going to eat..I'm living on sandwiches now thanks to them!! Blood sucking leeches!


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c458eec9, 2010-01-29, 11:07AM CST

You think that's bad I got my three year garinishment down to $167 one final payment from my check would have covered it..but they stopped the payments..not my employer, but Velocity..that was in July of 2009..suddenly I get a letter (Jan. 2010) claiming they tried to contact me..LIE! I still owed over $200 not the $167 I do they are threatening to garnish my check yet again..I'm on unemployment so they wont be able to collect interest until I start working again and that amount will probably go back up to nearly $2000, but I plan on filing bankruptcy so FU Velocity! Name should be changed to Vultures!

2a84517b, 2011-08-15, 04:52PM CDT

I dont ever remember having a credit card with HSBCHousehold Bank, which is the alleged "original lender" who THANKS TO VELOCITY INVESTMENTS...JERK-***s all of a sudden want to garnish my wages from a company I havent worked at since 2004!!!! its 2011..THey entered and won a judgement to garnish 213.70 per week out of my paycheck..haha...I dont work anymore..Good Luck..I am pissed off that I got this letter fwd to me by the post-office (not-certified)..delivered on August 2,2011.. I moved from that address in November 2010, so my mail fwd had expired by August 2,2011..I got it today by going to my old house and fishing it out of the mailbox. I had 10 days from August 2,2011...Today is August 15,2011..NOW THEY GOT A JUDGMENT...jerkoffs. This alleged debt is not known to me. I dont know the total...Dont remember having a Household Bank Credit Card..My husband got served from a different lawyers "collection agency" just yesterday, from HSBC>>from an $800. credit card they allege is from 2006...I googled VELOCITY and found this site....I had to laugh..I will appeal.....THis is BULLS**T

6588ed8f, 2014-04-12, 05:07PM CDT

Bastards did a court date and never served me. They got a default judgement when of course I didn't show. I have nothing so they got nothing, but watch out.

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