Langley Chrysler & Chrysler Canada - Chrysler won't honor warranty

Posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 at 1:58pm CDT by 362facd5

Product: Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

Company: Langley Chrysler & Chrysler Canada

Location: Langley, B., CA

Category: Other

I bought a Dodge Grand Caravan SXT in 2006 - the warranty is 60,000 km on various components, including power steering and air conditioning, and 100,000 km on others.

At 52,000 km I took the van in for servicing, and told them that there was something wrong with the air conditioning, and that the power steering was very noisy, making kind of a groaning sound.

I was told that the air conditioning was losing coolant, and it was refilled. They checked out the power steering and said there was nothing wrong.

I subsequently brought the car back for problems with the air conditioner FOUR MORE TIMES. They kept putting a dye in then they would say that they couldn't see it.

I also mentioned the groaning in the power steering again, and they said that they didn't see a problem and the fluid levels were fine, so it wasn't low. Their comment was that it was "just the sound of the pump, it's louder when you're sitting still and you move the wheel."

I brought the car back again to have the air conditioner looked at a few weeks ago. Although it is now out of warranty, they knew it was an ongoing problem so didn't charge me for looking at it. However, when they finally saw where the dye was coming from, they told me that it was a "very expensive" fix.

They also told me that they had found the problem with the power steering - basically it needed to be replaced because there was a leak INSIDE the system - so it didn't lose fluid but the leak was such that the fluid was ending up in the wrong place, so in effect there was a low fluid level in the power steering even though the fluid was there.

Total bill - $1900.

I was told that Langley Chrysler wouldn't cover it but since I had identified it as a problem BEFORE the warranty expired, I should contact Chrysler Canada, who would most likely cover it.

I phoned Chrysler Canada and they said they wouldn't cover it.

I phoned the dealer back and the service rep sounded surprised, and promised to "get back to me". He hasn't.

So no one has covered it, even though BOTH these problems were identified by me well within the warranty period.

What should I do next?

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Robert Allyn L., 2009-07-02, 04:52PM CDT

Beter Busness B. and small claims court. If you can Include Chrysler corporate, not just your Chrysler dealer. They will make real attempts to settle this if you push those two buttons. You may not win, But the BBB and court both make them justify their actions.

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