Roark Vacation Travel Club/CRI - Roark Vacation Travel Club is a SCAM

Posted on Sunday, July 19th, 2009 at 4:19pm CDT by e72bbdf0

Product: Travel discounts

Company: Roark Vacation Travel Club/CRI

Location: 403 N Business 65 403 N Veterans Blvd
Branson, MO, 65616, US

Category: Other

We attended a presentation by Roark Vacation Travel Club on June 7, 2009 while in Branson, MO. and ended up purchasing a membership for $3,964 because it sounded like such a great deal and we have had in the past honesty from Mr. Gary W. Snadon. We were told we could go on vacations at huge discounts from 30 to 70 percent, which sounded great. During the presentation the salesperson, Stephanie West, stated that their representatives would beat any web prices on travel. Some of the examples shown were $900.00 to $1,800 for two to stay a week in Hawaii on the beach with beach front access. Or a round trip for two to Australia with a week in a condo for $3,600.00. That we could book a cruise with outside balcony cabins cheaper than non-members could get for an inside cabin ($850 to $900 for two). We were told at the presentation that it was easy to book on line or to call CRI and have them take care of the travel arrangements at rates that beat any other by 30 to 70 percent.

Stephanie West stated that the reason Roark could give us such prices is that they were giving us the vacation at their cost (wholesale) and the way they made money was by getting a kick-back from the cruise lines, plus the $99 yearly fee, plus the $3964 it cost us to sign up and dealing in volume bookings . Anyway, we feel that Stephanie West lied to us too. We were given a high pressure sales pitch.

We should have known it was a scam/fraud when the price dropped from $15,000 to $3,946 and we were upgraded to platinum, level 5.

However, after spending the week in Branson and arriving back home we tried to see if the Club was going to live up to the promises were made, as we were unable to get any information within the three day limit (the time in which we could cancel our membership). We were told we would have to have a membership number, which wasnt provided to us until well past the three days (Received a temporary membership number on June 14, 2009 from Roark Vacation Travel Club in Branson) and did not receive the permanent membership card until June 18, 2009.

We are being told one thing by Lingle Johnson, who is one of the men we dealt with in Branson and something entirely different by the booking agent at CRI. She stated that she does not know why they are telling us some of the things we are being told as they are not true.

There is no way that our money will be re-coupe traveling with Roark /CRI (Club Vacation Interval) as we were told by Stephanie West and Lingle Johnson.

By going to FREE web sites such as Priceline, Expiedia, Choice Rewards, Vacation rentals by Owner or Trip Rewards we could meet or beat any deal that I could get with Roark. What did I pay over $3,900 for when I could do better for free?? When I called them, I was told it was past the 3 day cancellation period and they could not void the contract. I was also told by Lingle Johnson that we needed to call CRI to book a vacation for the best price and not use the website. This is a complete opposite of what we were told at the presentation. Of course when you are traveling to Branson, they are counting on you to stay several days and by the time you get home, it is past the 3 day cancellation period so they have you.

Regardless of what rebuttal they present, the bottom line is this: I spent over $3,900 to get great vacations, at highly discounted rates (30 to 70 percent) only available through Roark Vacation Travel Club/CRI. However, with very little effort on the internet I can get the same or better deals on my own for free. Their presentation was very misleading at best, Roark Vacation Travel Club and Club Resorts Intervals are unable to deliver the service that was presented and sold, and is outright fraudulent. As of today, July 2, 2009, there has been no resolution.


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e72bbdf0, 2009-10-30, 11:38AM CDT

This complaint was finally resolved through the action of the St. Louis BBB and the Missouri Attorney General's office. Monies pay were finally returned less the expenses we incurred to obtain this resolution.

e72bbdf0, 2010-01-17, 05:02PM CST

Response to email received: 01/17/2009

Go through an on-line travel agency that has a good reputation. DO NOT deal with CRI or Roark Travel Club.

58a445df, 2010-02-06, 04:17PM CST

Well, they have moved into the NWA area of Arkansas now. Rogers, Springdale, & Fayetteville. We went to a meeting on 2/4/10 at 6pm. The company is called Vacation Travel Store - 1600 corperate ct Irving Texas ( no such address or company listed there) Cancallation address was in Keller, Texas (there is a 750 s. main but Vacation Travel Store does not exist in either Irving or Keller). Called BBB of Texas and no such company exists for any of the phone #'s that we had which was about 5. No such company at either of those address. Called Main Headquarters in Key Largo, Florida and talked with three different people and found out some interesting facts.

First VTC does not sell the program they hire agents that travel around to hotels. They are not responsible for any misrepresentation from any one that THEY ALLOW TO SELL FOR THEM. In other words, these people(which we have no idea if this is there real names.) Bryant Thomas, John Thordd, & Rhonda Tschiac who are running the scam under Vacation Travel Store can say anything that they want to sell their vacation travel club and they are ok with it but not held responsible for it. Sara from VTC in Key Largo also told me that they only receive 199.99 from the scammers for our $5,495.95 and the yearly fee of $199.99 starting the next year. Wow! What a mark up, huh? Vacation Travel Club does not sell their plan on their own. Well, hick no they don't they just have some other con sell it so they can keep their 5 star reputation. What CONS, huh? I feel Vacation Travel Club is just as much a scam as the agent who sold it to us. They would not tell us their last names and we asked several times, no business cards (they were being printed as we spoke we were told - Ha! by Rhonda) and we asked at least 4 times for our Temp. cards to get to website. Told each time that it would take 10 days to 4 weeks to receive. There lays the trap for most people. You only have 3 days to cancel contract(which they fail to tell you) but they won't let you view the product till 10 days later. What? There is nothing in writing either that says you will get any discount or holiday bookings. None. Just empty words. We were lucky to cancel with our card company within 2 hours and we sent Vacation Travel Store & Vacation Travel Club certifitied mail cancelling memembership. Now you know that the $5,495.95 leather binder that we received - well it has to be returned according to the cancellation paper that VTS stuck into our folder without mentioning. So My husband went back to the Embassy Suite Hotel where they were set up with a Rogers Police Officer Had John Thordd (so called owner of Vacation Travel Store out of Irving Texas) sign a letter stating that we returned binder and handed him the a copy of our cancellation form. Great satisfacation was having about 7-8 couples hear what they had done to us and how this company did not exist on paper. That felt good. Now they must be taught a Arkansas lesson. I have contacted local news crews because as you read they are still here running the scam. Plus I have been in touch with 4 differnet producers from news shows like dateline, 48 hours, & 20/20. This needs to be stopped. I have never been scammed before and thought (key word) I was smarted than this. Don't ever take ANYTHING over the phone. "Nothing in this Life is FREE!"

72524122, 2010-04-24, 11:15PM CDT

A friend of mine went to one their presentations last night and call me this morning. I could not believe the things she was telling me. She told me they became hateful once they turned them down and they were asked to leave. they did not want them talking to any other guests about their opinions.

We have been comparing clubs so we can vacation together. We know of some others in World Ventures who have been very happy and they have a good reputation in the Plano, Tx area. I think we will be signing up with them. Their information is:

80d267ec, 2010-04-26, 09:00PM CDT

I have a question as I wasalso scammed into this program what can I do to ge my money back or sell or get this out of my hand as it was misleading...

3a662bc8, 2010-10-22, 03:47PM CDT

Well, at least you were not duped into "giving" your time share back to them!!! We haven't heard another word from them. Yes we didn't even get a temp. card until we signed the paperwork for them to have our condo. We haven't done a search until now as due to a family emergency my husband needs to fly to his family's home in a couple of weeks. Where are the people that "SCAMMED" you? Probably looking for the next victim, eh? We too, got the $15,000 to $3600 reduction for Platinum services. Until we get slammed, I will keep an open mind.

By the way, there is a new government "watch dog" Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which is to look and regulation the "small print". Maybe that is the next step for someone to help us the CONSUMER!

No T., 2010-11-28, 09:37PM CST

You ca still get out of that travel club, visit our website or email me at [email protected]

d0f5ab5e, 2011-02-17, 03:52PM CST

My husband and I attended a travel club seminar at Roark. Mid-August. We were provided 2 tickets to a concert in Branson for attending 90 minute travel seminar.

During our (Ill call it our interrogation), they asked us what type of vacations that we like to go on. We specified that we go on All-Inclusive. We enjoy these vacations because its one price and we really dont need to worry about additional money when we are on vacation. We dont have to worry about where we are eating, I dont have to cook, dont have to worry about drinking and driving, worry about cabs etc.

The seminar oozzzed about wholesale travel discounts going to Hawaii and Alaska for approx. $800 ( I dont have the exact price). The speaker had copies of Expedia costs from the Internet in his hands to show how their costs vs. Expedia. He was going on and on about the travel savings and that this was not time-share.

Sounded good..I asked if this included All-Inclusive travel, and the response was we can handle all your vacation needs . Its sounded good. I even asked on the ROI. Based on what they discussing in the sales pitch, its usually 3 trips. They talked about the 50 years plus in business. We went for it. It cost us $3000.

Towards the end of August, I received my member ship number in the mail. So, I started to call in January and inquire about some vacations mainly a cruise to the Bahamas. I actually asked for ANY wholesale packages, ANYWHERE as we were promised. I didnt see any wholesale discounts in the pricing that they were providing me. The most I seen was 15% or approximately $100 in savings and was not able to have any success in booking a cruise thru them or CRI loike we were told in their presentation when we initially bought the travel service.

So my burning question is...where is this wholesale travel discounts that we purchased for $3,000? I asked CRI/Roark, where these vacations are? How do I effectively use this travel club to see these types of benefits? I was told by their representative to give him a few days. So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt to prove to me that there are wholesale vacations available and do exist. I requested that my money be refunded. Of course my calls are now being ignored. I have begun to search the internet, and found that they have complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Also, there is an article in

Roark Travel / CRI have misled us, misrepresented as to what was actually being sold and would like to have my HARD earned money refunded. This is a lot of money for us just throw away. How can these people sleep at night or have a conscious scamming people and referring themselves as a reputable company?

61a0e525, 2011-02-23, 02:29PM CST

**This complaint was finally resolved through the action of the St. Louis BBB and the Missouri Attorney General's office. Monies pay were finally returned less the expenses we incurred to obtain this resolution.**

Can you tell me how you went about getting this resolution. I have no idea where to go or how to start. Thanks for any help you can give.

Donna S., 2014-03-29, 10:52AM CDT

We can agree to all of the above comments and complaints....we bought our CRI vacation timeshare in July 2009.also in Branson....we have to this date only used it once...and yes it started at $15,000 and dropped to just below $4.000 and they got very angry when we said no.....and pressured us after that til we gave in...I have always had regrets we did this...I had doubts about it...but I am just reading this for the first time that it is a scam.....we were just looking on their site...which I am not to fond of...not a very user friendly book something..but not I am not sure what to do after reading this....and I worried about being ripped of again.. ....I was wondering if it was possible if we could get our money back as well...or if it has been to long.....thank you...Albert and Donna Schevers So discouraged that you cant trust people anymore

Donna S., 2014-03-29, 04:06PM CDT

Something I am unsure previous post..... we have CRI club resort intervals LLC. ABOVE they are talking about the Roark CRI...everything is the same as what we went thru....but I am not sure if it is one of the I don't see the name Roark just another question for you to answer if you can... thanks..

Javel L., 2014-09-05, 06:16PM CDT

Sales Center for Roark Vacation Travel Club - Club Resort International - CRI

September 5th, 2014

Property is straight out of the 1970's. Roark uses this as it's Branson base for high pressure sales pitches for their low value - high priced, Travel & Timeshare Club!

Do not stay here! We did not have bugs in the room, but encountered them crawling out of the rooms on the lower level.

We know this is not a scam for Travel services, just low & slow service levels and no real discounts.

So slow...... that booking a vacation takes 3 weeks and 8 calls to their rep. The contract fine print has no commitments regarding service or service levels, so the club members are at their mercy.

Travel services is a nightmare!

- They promise wholesale pricing, but they define anything on the web as "wholesale", so there's really no savings, so there's no benefit to being a member.

- Timeshare rentals are impossible to coordinate. Nothing is on-line. Everything requires phone contact with their rep in New Hampshire with the rep responding after 2-3 days with email contact with timeshare property managers. Slow! Very Slow!!

fbc1f422, 2016-01-05, 12:43PM CST

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