American Airlines - An Airline That Doesn't Care

Posted on Sunday, July 19th, 2009 at 1:46am CDT by af32b9e7

Product: Airline Departure Gate Information

Company: American Airlines

Location: US

Category: Other

On 7/18/09 I had a 3 hour 15 min layover in DFW. The last 1 hour 30 min I waited at the departure gate and yet I nearly missed the flight.

When I got off my previous flight from SLC I checked the departure board and proceeded to the listed gate of B7B stopping for some lunch on the way. When I arrived at the gate, I noted that the gate board listed the correct flight (3497), destination (Tyler) and departure time (3:15).

I waited at the gate reading a book. At 3:00 there was still no boarding activity at the gate so I got up and looked out the window and noticed that there was no plane. I looked at the gate board and it still listed the correct information. It seemed that something was not right, so I went to the nearest departure board at gate B8 and saw that it listed B4B as the departure gate. As I walked past gate B7 on my way to B4 there was an agent there and I asked what the correct gate was for Tyler. She told me that it was B4B. I pointed out that the gate board listed the flight for Tyler departing from the gate she was at, and she said Yes, I know. It was now 3:05 so I left quickly. As I was leaving she said that she was Very sorry and made a gate announcement that the Tyler flight would be departing from Gate B4B. Fortunately, the flight had been delayed and I made it to the gate in time to be the last one to board.

Why was the gate board at B7 still listing the information for flight 3497 even though the it was no longer the departure gate for flight 3497?

When I arrived in Tyler, I talked with an AA agent and was told that they knew about the gate change an hour before the flight left, and that I should have known something was wrong since there was no activity at the gate. At that point he handed me a pint out of how to contact AA and turned and walked away without any further comment.

Another agent who overheard, said that I could get a response if I used the email form on the website under Contact Us.

That night I tried many times with out success to report the complaint. The form consistently came back indicating errors without any indication of what was wrong.

I contacted the 800 number listed for customer support and was told by Irma to close my browser and delete temporary files then reopen the browser and try again. She indicated that other than mail or FAX, there was no other way to file a complaint. She also indicated that a supervisor was not available to talk with me and that she did not have an eMail address that I could use for direct email.

I attempted this process more than three times with the same result I had earlier.

I then made a complaint to the DOT. Almost as soon as I entered the complaint, I received an automatic email saying that they wouldnt do anything except make a record of it.


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