1800mobiles.com - No communications, No Service, Cancelled order

Posted on Saturday, July 18th, 2009 at 4:25pm CDT by 3b564c4f

Product: cell phone antenna cable adapters

Company: 1800mobiles.com

Location: Unable to find on website.
New York City, Ne, Unable to, US

URL: http://www.1800mobiles.com/

Category: Other

I ordered cable fitting adapters for my cellphone antenna. Paid extra for two-day shipping since I needed them before departing on a trip. The purchase was paid for via PayPal. The order was cancelled the next morning with the following message:

"Dear Dean,Your order has been canceled and your card has not been charged. This can be for a number of reasons: invalid credit card, declined carrier credit score, discontinued product or simply your cancellation request.


1800mobiles operations

Click http://www.1800mobiles.com/ to start shopping at 1800mobiles.com"

1800mobiles.com insinuate that I used a bad credit card or have a bad credit rating. No real reason given for cancellation. Since I paid with PayPal there is NO reason for credit problems. The purchase, the account, and the credit card are guaranteed. My credit rating is high anyway.

They have NEVER replied to emails requesting clarification.

Most of their phone contacts are for drop shippers. Other automated numbers that are provided on their website did not recognize order number, address, telephone number, etc. Because of this, you are not allowed to talk with a person. One Customer Service Number actually states that it is "absolutely for sales only".

Apparently, 1800Mobiles is a "drop-ship" company that doesn't have much of their own stock. If you are lucky their supplier has the item(s) in stock, if not, you get an uninformative, insulting message cancelling the order.

Shopping with 1800Mobiles.com is a real gamble. It is suggest you find a more reliable vendor.


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